Neale Moody has been The Basin Junior Football Club Junior President for the past two years and a committee member for countless years before that. As one of the Club’s larger than life characters, Nealo is known for his laconic style, dry sense of humour, a ‘can do’ attitude and his trusty set of blue overalls (which we suspect he also sleeps in). As the President, he has a quality and style that exudes a genuine love for the Club, its players, helpers and families which serves as an inspiration to all of those around him. As well being involved in the day to day running of the Club, Nealo is a ‘big picture’ thinker and is always looking for the next big idea or opportunity. Importantly, his ideas are not just pipe dreams, with Nealo spending countless hours behind the scenes talking to people face to face or over the phone (technology is not his strong point) to turn these ideas into reality. A recent example of these efforts resulted in The Basin Football Club being given the opportunity to host the 2016 EFL Junior Girls finals! Combined with his trusty van (The Basin tool box), Nealo will always be the first to arrive and the last to leave with nothing being too much trouble, whether it be setting up for match day, helping out behind the bar or giving the girls in the Canteen one of his famous bear hugs to let them know how much they are appreciated!




  • Lisa says,

    "Top bloke and extremely hard worker!!"

  • Andy says,

    "He lives and breathes The Basin Football Club. He does so much more than people realise. Go Nealo!"

  • Michelle says,

    "Thanks Naeke for all your support over the last 10 years"

  • Kim says,

    "He not only is at the Club he's even at your place if you need help couldn't ask for a better person to call for help"

  • Abi says,

    "The Basin Football would not be where it is today without Nealo! Top bloke and passionate about the club!"

  • Brent says,

    "Big Nealo does a truck load of work around the club and it's fantastic he can get some much deserved recognition."

  • Graham Firth says,

    "The Basin Football Club runs through his veins. He lives and breathes the bears"

  • Tegan says,

    "An all round great bloke, has and will no doubt continue to do an enormous amount of work that will benefit the future of our club."

  • Jessica says,

    "Awesome guy with a heart of gold"

  • Jess says,

    "Great guy. Made us feel very welcome at the club"

  • Karl winters says,

    "The man works his bum off to make the club run smoothly"

  • Batman says,

    "The King. 👑"

  • Erin says,

    "Bloody legend!"

  • Greg Best says,

    "There is more a down to earth , respected or man you would want in the trenches the our man Nealo!!"

  • Greg says,

    "You can't train or buy people with passion like Nealo"

  • Lucy Fiumara says,

    "I have been attending the basin fc for over 10 years and from the very beginning Nealo was known as one of the icons of our club. It's been often said over the years that he spends more time at the club than his home.Nealo to many of us is The Basin F/c. Well done mate for all you do ."

  • Blair Blackburn says,

    "One of the nicest, most genuine and accomodating men you will ever meet. Always has time for you and always has a smile on his face."

  • Dazz says,

    "Great bloke and will do anything for the club"

  • Amanda says,

    "Awesome bloke!"

  • Sandi says,

    "Neale always goes out of his way to help those around him when he can! The Basin FC is lucky to have a great bloke like Nealo x"

  • Josh says,

    "He has a nice name"

  • Dave says,


  • Boof says,

    "Top bloke"

  • Fiona Jackson says,

    "Nothing is ever too much for Nealo,he is one of the most kindest,hard working blokes I have ever met.His love of the club and everyone in it.I can't get through a Sunday without my Nealo bear hug.He is an amazing Husband to his wife,great Father to his children and a shining light to all his friends.Muched loved man is our Nealo xxx"

  • Danielle says,

    "Well done"

  • Bevan Garrett says,

    "Top bloke. Always ready to give a hand and have a laugh."

  • Travis says,

    "Without the big fella we'd need an extra 5 committee members to cover all the work he puts in💪💪"

  • Sarah says,

    "Absolute work horse and a great bloke"

  • Lyn says,

    "Nealo is a big cuddly bear. Always at the club cleaning up and looking out for us all."

  • Eilleen says,

    "Nealo has been with the club for a long time. He is there early morning and Late at night. He is just Nealo"

  • Andrew Cowlishaw says,

    "Your a gun Nealo the club wouldn't be the same without all your hard work. Your all ❤️"

  • Cathy stephens says,

    "His a fantastic support to everyone. Always cheerful and never ever leaves the club😊"

  • Westy says,

    "The overalls!!!!!!.......... Oh the overalls!!!......... Awesome bloke hard working and will give you the shirt off his back...... and his overalls."

  • Shannon says,

    "No-one can pull of wearing overalls like nealo - legend - go bears ❤️❤️"

  • Richard says,

    "what a legend nealo - great bloke - one big happy bear family"

  • Nicole says,

    "💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚💚 this bloke sleeps at the club , don't think he's been home since the early 2000 his mail box is full"

  • Tay says,


  • holly says,

    "my kids love this man - mr Basin"

  • Rex Hunt says,

    "gone fishing - legend"

  • SW says,


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