Nick Leitch is without a doubt the heart and soul of the HSOBFC, having a hand in every aspect of the club, from performing a pivotal role on the committee to match day administration and management, allocating and maintaining uniforms, gear and equipment, while also being one of the most important senior players in the senior team.

Since Nick returned to Tasmania from working away in 2008 he has been without question the most influential person at the club. He took on the senior assistant coach role in 2008-10 and contributed significantly to a senior premiership (’10) before he accepted the role of senior coach between 2011-13. During this time he established a winning culture based on the mantra of ‘Proud, Professional and Relentless’ and coached the team to another premiership in 2012 . He then helped find a replacement coach and took on the role of senior captain for the next 4 years, winning another flag in this role in 2014. All this time Nick worked tirelessly behind the scenes at a club that has always relied heavily on its players to undertake support staff roles. Nick has been the backbone in this respect, dedicating himself and his time consistently throughout the period, while also recruiting new players, sponsors and club staff, mentoring and assisting younger players and creating a professional, high quality club culture.

First to arrive at training and first to arrive on game day with the paperwork and equipment, he is also the last to leave after ensuring everything that needs to be done has been done. Nick remains the beating heart of the club in 2016, and was recently recognised with the 2016 OSFA Volunteer of the Year award, while at the same time making the 2016 OSFA Team of the Year and winning the club’s goal-kicking award.

A leader, legend, champion and true gentleman – give him your vote!!!




  • DC says,

    "Great job Peaches"

  • Andrew smith says,

    "Absolute legend"

  • Kevin says,

    "As president of the football club with which Nick is involved, you get an understanding of the enormity of the role he plays on and off the field and I have no doubt the club would not function half as well without him and I would struggle to fulfil my role without all of the work he does.... All for not a cent or any asking for recognition. He just goes about his business and gets things done!"

  • Jamie says,

    "As a current player, I and fellow team mates see Nick as an exceptional role model. He is the first one at training/game day and is the last one to leave, constantly putting countless hours into making the club run the way it does. His professionalism and leadership around the club is something we can all strive to achieve."

  • Mr Whippy says,

    "Great bloke. 3 votes"

  • G wert says,

    "The reason Leitchy is not paid is simply because his contributions are priceless. I am no longer a playing member of the HSOBFC due to moving interstate but i played there for several years and he was the same then as he is now. A selfless, passionate and dedicated member of the club, competition and community. Local football competitions need to recognise the contributions of people like Nick. There is no one more deserving than this champ."

  • Jack Richardson says,

    "Bloody good bloke"

  • Zack colgrave says,

    "Outstanding leader"

  • David says,

    "Great role model"

  • Aarron Headley says,

    "A great club man who puts his heart into our club!!"

  • Matt says,

    "Outstanding leader on and off field. Outstanding mentor, role model and developer of young men. Respected by all opposition. Very approachable to the full range of stakeholders and fans at his club."

  • Brenden Jones says,

    "The heart and soul of this club."

  • George says,

    "I've known nick since I was 9 years old, and he was always determined and passionate about everything he did, helping to inspire others to be their best. Great leader"

  • Tom says,

    "Does a massive amount for the club, also a ripping bloke and leader."

  • Andy says,

    "Great all round bloke"

  • Nick Perry says,

    "Taught u all I know!!! Aren't u lucky u grew up watching me!!!😜😜"

  • James Bodycoat says,

    "Great bloke. We share godfather duties to my brother and his sister's two kids. I see Nick once a year and it is super clear through our conversations regarding our own respective seasons of football that his tireless efforts and leadership have a huge impact on his club in a positive way!"

  • George Archer says,

    "Nick is a great leader, all round nice guy. Much respect."

  • Larry says,

    "Nick is the most passionate and committed member of a football club I've come across. A great bloke, always there to help with anything - be it football or life. A living legend!"

  • David Farmer says,

    "A great sportsman, and has , great personality ,and good looks ,to go with it!"

  • Sandra Burns says,

    "Nicks ability to share so many roles at the club in the time I've been involved has been immense. He continues to fulfill everything that is asked of him without fuss or bother and makes sure that the task at hand is dealt with. From coaching the club, organising functions, being a working committee member or dealing with delicate in house issues, Nick succeeds in all these areas."

  • Jock says,

    "Champion club man"

  • Tommy H says,

    "Look up to this man"

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