Nick Farley has been an integral part of the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club for over 40 years as an energetic player, supportive parent, inspiring coach, dedicated Junior Development Coordinator, mentor and friend to all.

His tireless efforts promoting the game through lacrosse clinics and assembly presentations at local primary schools over the last eight years has seen a massive increase in new players coming along to try the game. However, it is his constant encouragement, support and faith in the players’ efforts that keeps them improving and moving through the age ranks.

Nick fosters meaningful relationships and a great community atmosphere around the club and there would not be a player, or player’s parent, whose name he does not know. He can also be counted on to pick up milk for the canteen if stores are running low!

Nick is an all round decent bloke whose many contributions to our club make him Surrey Park’s Beating Heart!




  • River says,

    "A fantastic volunteer who is certainly the beating heart of the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club!"

  • Delia September-Kidd says,

    "My boys struggled to find a competitive sport that they really loved and it is because of Nick Farley that they have fallen in love with lacrosse. He is so approachable and genuine and this translates into the special relationship he shares with all the kids. They respect him tremendously and this is wholely due to his generosity of spirit and the time he invests in developing the younger generation in this fantastic club. He truly is the "beating heart" of Surrey Park Lacrosse Club. Thanks deserve to be recognised!!"

  • Rob Teese says,

    "A worthy "beating heart""

  • Ian Whitbourn says,

    "Nick Farley is not only a tireless worker for the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club but he is the ultimate ambassador when it comes to welcoming the parents of new players. He goes out of his way to make them feel comfortable and especially welcome in a new club environment. Nick's extensive school-principal career has also enabled him to open many doors at local schools for the club. This has provided the opportunity for children to experience a new exciting sport which otherwise they may have been denied the opportunity to try. Nick is a man who maintains a low profile but lets his actions speak for him. A true Beating Heart of the Whitehorse region."

  • Rob says,

    "Nick is an absolute gem. It has been a pleasure and a privilege getting to know him over recent years and watching him nurture and encourage players of all ages, from 5-year-olds who have just picked up a Lacrosse stick for the first time, through to senior players. Nick’s enthusiasm, zest for life and warm sense of humour have been an inspiration, and the community spirit he has built around SPLC is a credit to him. His efforts to introduce new players to lacrosse has helped not just my own son but countless other kids discover joy, physical exercise and friendship through this great game. Congrats Nick!"

  • Athina says,

    "Nick is the key to our participation and enthusiasm for lacrosse. He encourages the players to give everything a try. He is inspirational for us all and helps the players develop their skills. He is a great sport and as a result, he is a fantastic role model. He also provides lots of support to the families of the players. We think he is wonderful!"

  • Josh O'Neill says,

    "A wonderful and kind man who has not only helped develop players but also fostered young adults to contribute in our community"

  • Luke roberts says,

    "Nick is the heart of the club. All the kids love him and respect him."

  • Steve Spreadborough says,

    "I have been around the Club at Surrey Park for around 60 years and believe me, as a past President, I know that having a person like Nick as Junior Co - ordinator is an absolute God send.. I have known Nick since he was a junior player at Caulfield. I endorse everything Sarah-Jane has said, and add that in my opinion the Junior Co-ordinator role that Nick has taken on over many years now is the most critical role for the on going existence of the Club. Nick has a great skill set for the role and has used it to great success. I have seen many in the role and Nick is as good as the best. Congratulations for your efforts Nick, you deserve all the accolades we can give you."

  • Matt Crump says,

    "As a parent of a of a Junior lacrosse player, Nic has been nothing less than brilliant with the kids. He not only remembers every childs name and school but also their siblings. Now I have two junior lacrosse players. His inclusive attitude filters up through the whole club. So many of the Senior players voulenteer to help with the juniors and after speaking with them you find out Nick coached them when they were juniors. The club revolves around the inclusivisness of everyone from a first gamer to the experienced players. Winning isn't everything but envolvement of everyone is. Congrats Nick!"

  • Brent says,

    "I've lost count of the number of kids who have grown in personal confidence and self esteem while learning and playing lacrosse under Nick's coaching and mentoring. We are lucky to have him!"

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