Pam, affectionately known as Pam Papa, is a stalwart of the Seacombe Softball Club. She first joined the club in 1997 when her daughters were juniors. Straight away she jumped in and became involved. Throughout her time at the club she has held many positions including, Uniform officer, team manager, scorer and fundraising. She is the heart of the club and is always putting her hand up to help out at any and all club functions. If she can’t make it to a function she will provide some goodies and if she really can’t come then she always makes a donation. This kind gesture does not go unnoticed. On the field she gives it her all and will never give in. Last season she was an integral part of her D grade team making the grand final, which unfortunately they didn’t quite win. Pam takes the juniors under her wing and is always encouraging and has a friendly ear for anyone who needs it. After many many many years of service to the club, Pam’s importance was officially recognised with her awarded life membership.




  • Jarvo says,

    "Pam is a Seacombe legend! She has supported the club as a parent, scorer, uniform lady and general it needs to be done so I'll do it superstar. Now as a D Grade player she continues to support the club in every way she can as well as enjoying playing the game surrounded by great team mates and friends."

  • Robin Green says,

    "Pam is a wonderful club member. Always giving. Always putting the club and others before herself. A truly worthy nomination."

  • Mignon Pedrick says,

    "Pam is an amazing person, she is a true club member dedicated to the Tigers. Pam was awarded Lifa Membership at last seasons presentation night. Whether she is playing or supporting the club she is always giving 100%. I'm too am grateful to call Pam one of my lifelong friends!"

  • Sue stone says,

    "Pam is a one of a kind of the most selfless person I know....full of life and fun and ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand"

  • Jade says,

    "A wonderful club member always willing to help out with everything!"

  • Jo Papadothomakos says,

    "I am lucky enough to call this wonderful woman my mum! She is the heart & soul of seacombe softball club!"

  • Mandy Bennett says,

    "Awesome Amazing Incredible - the epitome of what Club Spirit is and always should be!"

  • Karin says,

    "Pam is a fantastic club person who has supported Seacombe in innumerable ways for many years. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for this great club!"

  • Carly says,

    "Pam does so much for everyone, never says no, and is always smiling!"

  • Vinney says,

    "Pam is a truly lovely lady who is not afraid to do the hard yards. Always smiling and really enjoying herself, whether it is at training, playing or a social occasion. She's a joy to be around. A great club person and a true legend of the Seacombe Tigers Softball Club"

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