Paul “Dawso”




Paul is current President of Commercial Hockey Club and has been for the past 5 years. His dedication to CHC is way above and beyond what a President is to do. He plays in 2 competitions Grass and Masters and is happy to play much or as little game time as required. Dawso also selects and manages 2 teams in the Sunday competitions. Dawso umpires when its his turn and will always put his hand up to do others. Dawso does all umpiring for free because of the love of the game and his club.

When not being a player, coach & manager he will be found at the club either behind the bar, in the canteen or spending his Friday nights on the fields helping set up for the U7’s and U9’s competitions and then again on a Saturday morning for the U11’s.

Dawso rarely misses a meeting wether it be for CHC or attending the association meetings held monthly and putting CHC best foot forward for all matters.

This is all done once his day job has finished or sometimes during his day job as well.




  • Mike Williams says,

    "Paul is a diligent hard working volunteer for the club and was before he became President and continues to lead by example though the followers as with all sporting clubs are few."

  • Malcolm says,

    "Pauls spirit and vision for the greater good is inspiring. Great club fan and a fantastic sporting ambassador"

  • Debbie says,

    "Dedicated to the sport of hockey and to making our club Commercial so successful."

  • Chrisso says,

    "He is good on a line marker as well"

  • Angela says,

    "Such a social person on and off the field!"

  • Trecy says,

    "He is awesome for hockey support"

  • Ged says,

    "The tireless effort Paul puts in week to week is only bettered by his passion and love for the club. A selfless person in time and approachability and definitely an unsung hero for the club."

  • Wayne says,

    "Paul is dedicated to hockey and his club. Everyone at the club has benefited from his efforts. He doesn't do anything of this for himself, he is really selfless."

  • alan robertson says,

    "a true club stalwart he has been about for ever"

  • Greg Rollason says,

    "Dawso has been around Hockey and hockey players just about all his life. He has been a inspiration to the younger players by showing his dedication to the game and to the management team at Commercial Hockey Club"

  • Jennifer Butler says,

    "Paul does so much for our club sometimes volunteering 30+ hours a week. He is always happy and is a great leader for our club."

  • Jayne says,

    "Paul is a very dedicated and hard working President that goes way beyond his role! He puts the club before himself!"

  • Shelly Torrisi says,

    "All the very best for Paul, CHC is richer for having such a dedicated club person. Good luck."

  • Kevin says,

    "Paul is also a "shootout" expert :)"

  • Leith says,

    "Paul also ferries Kevin to and from the Wilston Railway Stn"

  • Rusty says,

    "Paul is the big meow of the CHC"

  • Leith says,

    "Paul ferries Kevin to and from the Wilston Railway Stn when i'm unavailable"

  • Mark Carter says,

    "Paul Dawson is a true gentlemen who works very hard keeping Commercial hockey club to be the premier hockey club in Brisbane. He is involved with juniors both boys and girls, men's and women's and masters teams. Paul is good leader giving to club direction with great administrative and management skills so that other club members can focus on what's important to them which is playing hockey. I am sure if Paul was a CEO of a company with 500 employees ( Commercial Hockey Club has 500 members) he would be on a rather large salary. But Paul does it all for the love of the club and of the game of hockey."

  • Lenny says,

    "Full time top bloke!"

  • Beth says,

    "Paul shows interest in each and every club member, players and supporters alike. We all feel valued by him."

  • Tommy says,

    "Paul has always being friendly which goes a long way for someone only new to the club."

  • kirsten says,

    "I know how much paul loves commercial hockey club and how passionate he is about promoting the sport of hockey"

  • Andrea says,

    "What a legend, always working above and beyond."

  • Noel Warland says,

    "I have known and played with Paul since I joined Commercial at the age of 12 in 1967. He appears to be a well organised President and has my wholehearted support. His new aim is to revitalise our "Old Boys Club" but as we a re now amalgamated it may have to be "Old Farts: or something less controversial ,though I like It."

  • CC says,

    "Paul's volunteering for the club started well before the last 5 , when he was the Men's Players' Chairperson in 1988. His manner & professionalism is outstanding, & he is a valuable part of the Commercial & hockey community."

  • Ewan says,

    "Paul is the kind of President any sporting club would love to have. He's not just a leader and administrator; he gets involved in all aspects of the Club, lending a hand whenever required. He epitomises what the Club is about - family, community and a love of hockey."

  • T says,

    "Dawson is a dedicated champion to keep the best club in brisbane running to its absolute full potential. Absolute brilliant job with commercial!"

  • Chris Thomas says,

    "Well done Paul."

  • Jo Walker says,

    "Great work."

  • Fiona W says,

    "Great president"

  • Jo K says,

    "Paul is an extremely hard working and enthusiastic Club President. He has time to listen to anyone who wishes to ask him about the Club and is always positive and encouraging. A great man to take this position, as well as being a player, manager and umpire."

  • Trudie Yates says,

    "Paul is an amazing gentlemen who has dedicated the best part of his life to volunteer and lead our amazing club. His selfless generosity, tireless effort and passion show through the countless hours he has provided our club over the years. Nothing is too little or too big for Paul. He is a man with a big heart, kind spirit and cheeky smile. Dawso, you are a true legend!"

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