Pete Kennedy has been a committee member for 7 years at HAFC – with no family connection to entice him to the club – it was purely his community spirit when he heard from a friend that the club needed more volunteers. Pete has gradually increased his workload to the following – current treasurer, canteen manager, fill-in timekeeper, clubrooms supervisor and cleaner, plus many additional tasks. His typical week is : Monday – wash all the warm up tops, waterboy & boundary umpire tops, plus trainers towels and any left behind clothing; Tuesday – spend a few hours making soup for the players to enjoy after training plus serving this soup to the group; Wednesday – clean up the changerooms and social rooms plus do shopping and ordering of drinks and food for Saturday canteen; Thursday – spend 3 -4 hours buying ingredients and cooking the Thursday night player’s meals (usually 40 – 50 meals prepared with a gourmet touch) then serve the meals and drinks; Friday – print off all the teamsheets and prepare all the match documentation required for match day; visit local hotel to sell raffle tickets for the club; Saturday – set up the canteen food, drinks, coffees, etc and help serve them along with his wife Sally (who also helps on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights); Saturdays are usually 10 hour days at a minimum. Sunday – balance up all the cash and eftpos payments from during the previous 7 days; pay trainers, Association accounts, umpires, Council invoices, medical requirements and football purchases, etc, etc, etc whilst maintaining a spreadsheet for recording all payments and in-coming dollars; All this work is carried out gratis, whilst Pete doesn’t enjoy a completely clean bill of health – he has to visit hospital many mornings of the week too, which makes his contribution even more amazing. Additionally, Pete has offered help to a number of our competitor clubs when it comes to fund raising and administrative challenges; he is always happy to assist any club we play against when he over hears some aspect they may be struggling with – a truly Community minded person and one worthy of winning any Goodsports award. (He also sacrificed about 50 hours to write the club’s constitution)




  • Pat says,

    "Pete is the epitome of the beating heart of our club. He spends 7 days per week at our club, all for free, just to help all the guys get out on the park each week. He and Sally make the soup for after cold nights on the training track, plus cook the Thursday night meals. He is so selfless in donating his time and puts in an incredible amount of effort, all for others."

  • Nathan says,

    "Pete has always been a massive help to the footy club. Local footy clubs such as HAFC would not run without people like Pete. I myself a swell as the footy club can not thank Pete enough for the work that he does."

  • Rick Ogge says,

    "Not only does Pete do all things mentioned in the above blurb but he does it with great spirit and a smile on his face. Our club is incredibly lucky to have people like Pete (& Sal) involved."

  • Matt says,

    "I am new to the club and pete is the kind of man who makes all welcome. He is the heartbeat of the entire club and it would struggle to function without him"

  • Anthony says,

    "Actually the heart and soul of the footy club. From hot soups and rolls on a Tuesday night to help managing finances and running the canteen!!! This bloke is the real deal. Bleeds for the club!!!! Seriously there isn't enough room on this for me to bang on!!!!! Absolute club person! Absolute champion!"

  • David Tremewen says,

    "Peter Kennedy would do absolutely anything for anyone . but my personal experience with Pete going above and beyond was in 2012 I was selected to go over to Ireland with the VAFA rep side I was unable at the time to fund the trip . Step in pete who had got wind of the situation he rang me on a Tuesday and said leave the funds up to me . Within a few hours to my surprise Pete rang me back with the news he'd be able to ring around sponsors and raise up the money . Peter and his wife work harder than I've seen anyone work at a local club and ask for nothing in return ."

  • Tom says,

    "Gives everything for our club. Expects nothing in return"

  • Ronan says,

    "Selfless effort every week and a great character around the club. Puts in tonnes of time, really is the engine room of the club ."

  • Michael says,

    "Pete is an army veteran, cancer veteran, football club veteran and one of the best guys I've ever met. A genuinely great Australian."

  • James Ridley says,

    "Pete (and his wife Sally) are the heart and soul of our club. They do so much but never ask for thanks or grizzle about how much they do. Golden souls. They epitomize what local clubs are all about. Could not do it without you Pete!"

  • Jason says,

    "Thanks for everything you do for the club Pete. I don't get down as much as I'd like to but your tireless work makes it a pleasure every time I can"

  • Tim says,

    "It's not just that Pete works tirelessly to make the club and community a better place but also that he expects absolutely nothing whatsoever in return and always manages to be in good spirits and up for a friendly chat. There is so much more that Pete does which hasn't even been mentioned. He is so modest that only he himself really knows how much work he does."

  • Mike says,

    "His wife Sally makes nice brownies. ✌🏿️✌🏿"

  • Phil says,

    "His only downside is his marriage to a kiwi 😀"

  • John Stapleton says,

    "Pete is always at the club working hard and selflessly despite having his own battle with cancer. He is always welcoming and goes out of his way to make new comers at the club feel welcome and valued."

  • Lara says,

    "Peter is such a supportive man to myself and every member of the football club. He genuinely cares for the club like its his family. His selfless dedication is evident in the people that surround him. You'll never see him without a smile or a side of cheeky banter. Thank you for being such a positive and caring friend Pete!"

  • Sean Thompson says,

    "Had the privilege of working alongside Peter for 6 months on a software implementation project. During my time with him, he regularly talked about the footy team and the role he played in I'ts management. I knew he was not involved due to any family connection but had no idea he was simply doing it out of love for the game and the community. Very humbled to realise what an asset he must be to the club and the community at large. Regards, Sean"

  • Matt says,

    "Pete is a true legend! Our club has such a great culture which is in no small part a great reflection on Pete. He does so much for all of us and never asks for anything in return. Thank you so much Pete"

  • Andrea says,

    "Pete is awesome!"

  • Rod Jackson says,

    "Peter is a great guy that commits himself with a 110% effort. I highly recommend him for this award!"

  • Jarryd says,

    "Great person to have around the club! Local footy just wouldn't be feasible without blokes like this"

  • Amanda Campbell says,

    "Peter is a warm and lovely soul that is a dedicated worker and a loveable human. I support him in anything he is a part of."

  • Angela says,

    "Have nothing to do with the club, don't even like footy! But as a friend I see how much Pete does and it shows so much community spirit and we always say it is hard these days to find volunteers, well this club should tell him every week his soup is delicious because they obviously would be lost without him. Well done Pete but I must say I don't like the fact I never get to see you and Sal during the blasted footy season due to your workload 😄"

  • Randall kiesewetter says,

    "I attended the HAFC training one night as I visiting from Adelaide. My son Tom had just moved a to Melbourne a few weeks prior and joined the HAFC. I was blown away by the welcome that I received and the hospitality shown by Peter that night. I felt like part of the HAFC family in one short night. Peter was busy organising dinner for the lads but still had time for a chat and making me feel so welcome!"

  • Jono says,

    "Pete is a genuine club member who puts all the players and the club/community before himself so we can all enjoy training, match days and the weekly feed. An absolute legend in his own right and HAFC would not be the same without him. Cheers Pete!"

  • Col Halden says,

    "Good man."

  • Dean says,

    "Champion bloke who is the heart and soul of this footy club!"

  • Simon Olive says,

    "Makes good soup."

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