Peter began playing cricket at the age of 11 and his passion and dedication to the sport remains strong. When he was 15, he and his family moved to the Mornington Peninsula and his commitment to the club continues to inspire those around him. His commitments include:
– Playing at the Sorrento Cricket Club from 1978-1986 and then from 1993-present.
– He was appointed Captain/Coach in 1993-94 to 1999-2000
– He became the Junior Coordinator of the club in 1997-98 till 2013-14
– He has been the Junior Coach from 1979-1981 and then from 1997-present
– Peter has been the Club President from 2001-2008 and then from 2014-15-present
– He was awarded the Life Membership award in 2008, making him the sixteenth life member of the club in their admirable 127 year history.
In addition to his many involvements with the club, Peter also offers a copious amount of his time coaching and mentoring young cricketers, he provides private coaching sessions for players, raises funds in partnership with local businesses, organises meetings for the committee, manages the club, coaches one of the junior teams and plays cricket, all whilst working full time for his own business.

He is a valuable member of the Sorrento Cricket Club and his commitment is highly respected. In conjunction with Sorrento, he contributes a significant amount of his spare time to coaching and mentoring future stars in cricket at the Cricket Victoria Pathways Program where he coaches the South East Country Sharks as a level 2 coach.




  • Deb king says,

    "Pete is a amazing guy. Always loyal in everything he does."

  • Bobby says,

    "I have been at the club for just one season and can see how much passion Pete (The great man, as everyone refers to him) has for the Sorrento Cricket Club, currently the President he never stops on and off season to keep the club running smoothly"

  • Gem says,

    "I love how friendly Pete is, he makes everyone feel welcomed with his smile alway on his face. We are lucky to have someone so kind hearted at the Sorrento cricket club."

  • Michelle says,

    "Works tirelessly for the club"

  • Justin says,

    "Pete puts his heart and soul into the club. A very passionate, family orientated gentleman of the MPCA. Would be a very deserving winner"

  • Corey says,

    "Passionate and hard working"

  • Raymond Thomas says,

    "Peter is a great worker for Sorrento club and numerous other junior teams"

  • Melinda Bell says,

    "I have know Peter for approx 10 years since my son commenced at the Sorrento Cricket Club as a young 9'year old. During that time Peter has given his time freely and willingly to assist every member of the club, whether junior or senior player and also gone out of his way to make everyone feel included. He is constantly giving advice to players, young and old, and guiding and teaching them techniques to help improve their game, both physically and mentally. As a junior swapping over to the senior competition, he bent over backwards to assist my son with the transition, always making sure he was comfortable both on and off the field and giving him the confidence to face men who were sometimes 15 years his senior! Peter is a credit to the Club and I have no hesitation in recommending him for this award - Melinda Bell"

  • Mike says,

    "Very passionate and loves seeing people exceed at the sport"

  • Craig Morris says,

    "Has Worked tirelessly for the club in my 16yrs at Sorrento."

  • Kathleen Howard says,

    "One of the most courageous, generous, enormous hearted men I have the pleasure of calling a friend.."

  • Kane Gordon says,

    "Poss just gets things done and is highly respected by so many in the community."

  • Mel says,

    "Pete is a great asset to the cricket community!"

  • Ben says,

    "The great man has done so much for out great club !!"

  • Rene Watson says,

    "A wonderful man"

  • Dion Phillips says,

    "Gives everything he has to the crickey club and is amazing for juniors coming through"

  • Darren Christy says,

    "Peter Halls commitment and desire to see he's club succeed goes beyond the call of duty, he's contribution to develop junior cricketers throughout the Mornington peninsula Region has seen many young boys succeed at state & regional level. Peters contribution& desire for the game of cricket speaksfor it's self from coaching junior level to senior level , rep cricket coach , club oresident , fund raisers , caterer , to me ure decision is easy Peter Hall resembles a dying breed of person who's luv for he's local club will go to any length to see a bright successful future for sorrento cricket club . Well done Peter"

  • Jodie McNamara says,

    "Peter is my gorgeous cousin who gives so much of his time to his family and selfishly to others. He is the best dad and role model for how to be the best person you can. I am very proud of Peter and all he has achieved and all the people he has been involved with are lucky to have such an awesome giving person like my cousin. He is a winner in my book. I am proud to be his cousin."

  • Tricia Hall says,

    "Peter, you are extremely dedicated to the Sorrento Cricket Club and you always give 100% to whatever you put your hand up to do. I am so very proud of everything you have achieved on and off the field!"

  • Michael Findlay says,

    "Saw Peter coming through the juniors at our club, Doveton North. Met him again some 25 years later as he coached a rival Pathway Club. Loves his cricket and has been a giant contributor to the cricket lives of hundreds over a long period. I'm sure he will be doing it for another 30 years. Well done Peter."

  • Gerard says,

    "The backbone of the Sorrento cricket club for so many years. He has fulfilled every role in the club. In addition to developing the game of cricket and so many players, the most important role Peter has done is help the many young children grow as people off the ground as well. He is a great role model and leader of the Sorrento cricket club and the club would not be where it is today without Peter."

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