The Kingsville Cricket Club would not be around without Peter Hardeman.
When the club was established in 1956, as Kingsville Baptist Cricket Club, Peter was one of the foundation members as a player.
He joined the club committee in 1984 as Secretary and held that position until 2009. From 2009 until the present he took over the role of Treasurer.
In his role as Secretary Peter was the sole contact between the club and the local Council, aside from all the other tasks as Secretary. He still carries out the lion’s share of this liaison role to the Council, as well as filling in ground reports (part of the risk management requirements from the Council) every week.
Aside from his duties on the committee Peter has served as a Coach/team Manager/Scorer for many of our junior sides over the years.
Peter also has a number of activities he performs to help out the senior sides including marking the boundary line every Thursday evening while training is on, making sure all the teams have their match balls and match fee books for Saturday, scorer/manager for whichever team needs it, gets the afternoon tea ready (and washes up afterwards) and serves behind the bar/canteen when needed.
Peter has done all of this over the years while juggling family, work (although he has been retired for a while now) and/or committee roles on the Western Suburbs Churches & Community Cricket Association.
Peter is an unstoppable force and is truly the Beating Heart of Kingsville Cricket Club.




  • John Hillis says,

    "A true club legend who has done everything at the club since 1956."

  • Debbie says,

    "Peter is an amazing person and is a Club Legend"

  • George spasevski says,

    "To say something about Peter hardeman a true champion legend of our proud club that we all play for Pete puts all his fantastic hard work towards our great proud club what is written on this page about peter Say's it all I've had the privilege of playing along side Pete when I started playing my first senior games we all love him at the club he gets my 3 votes good on ya Pete"

  • Riaz Uddin says,

    "Being one of youngest member of the club I have learnt a lot from Peter. He doesn't play yet he is always involved he is one of the biggest motivations in the club. He always helps whether it's on the field or off the field."

  • Michael O'Toole says,

    "Peter would go out of his way to pick me up at 7.30am every Saturday morning. Without Peters efforts I would have gone to another club and never had the privilege of playing in A grade premiership side with Kingsville."

  • Tanya Lehman says,

    "A true legend of Kingsville Cricket Club. Peter has done everything from cleaning the toilets to picking up and driving players to games over many years. He has encouraged and supported many players and their families over the years to participate in playing cricket for a great family club."

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