Petra is literally the beating heart of our club.

She was an integral part in the club’s beginning, being a co-founder with a handful of other QUT Hockey Club Inc. members.
The club’s beginnings came in the 1990s from the annual Northern University Games and the Australian University Games competitions where players represented the Queensland University of Technology in hockey.
Original members of this competition decided to enter teams in a competition that ran all year round and thus, QUT Student Guild Hockey Club was established – Petra was among this group.

In 1999 QUT Student Guild Hockey Club entered a team in the Brisbane Men’s Hockey Association (BHA) competition in Division 3 and in 2000 QUT Student Guild Hockey Club entered a team in the Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association (BWHA) competition in DP3.

The club continued to grow. In 2006 QUT Student Guild Hockey Club incorporated and became QUT Hockey Club Inc. – once again Petra was significant in this transition. The club now boasts 9 teams across 4 competitions and continues to develop.

Throughout the years Petra has been a very active member.

She has been a player, umpire, management member, committee member, coordinator, general manager, umpire, supporter and volunteer. She’s currently a player in our Women’s Masters team, an umpire and the clubs’ Masters Coordinator.
She’s won university awards and club awards recognizing her efforts and we want to continue to celebrate her, for who she is and what she does for our club.

Here’s to Petra, she’s true blue!




  • Ange Barton says,

    "Petra is QUT Hockey. I was in the original women's team with her and as a Life Member of our club, there is no one more deserving than Petra. She has given her heart and soul to the club. Without Petra I have no doubt that our club would not be as successful as it is to this day. She is truly one amazing lady. The most selfless person I know, putting in so much time and effort to QUT Hockey, thank you Petra!"

  • Miriam says,

    "Petra is always willing to do whatever is required and never complains about it"

  • Sarah says,

    "Unbelievable commitment. The best team captain and all round great person. Goes out of her way to get the best out of everyone."

  • Jules Mead says,

    "Petra is one of the most fantastic people I have ever met. So generous to everyone she meets. Not only do I have the honour of being a hockey club (QUT) member in which Petra leads the way, she is also a member of our hockey team. In fact she is our goal keeper. She is such an integral team member. Not only does she save hundreds of goals per game, she is the first person to organise us each week to make sure we have an umpire, someone on tech bench and also most importantly lollies to enjoy at half time to keep us going for the rest of the game. She emails the team every week to remind us of our game time and where we are playing. She includes everyone. Without Petra our team would not exist. I cannot say enough great things about Petra. She is truly one of those people who makes a positive mark on everyone she meets, and makes the world a better place simply by being her."

  • Luke says,

    "She's great 👍"

  • Sarah says,

    "Go Petra!!!"

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