Phil has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years within the Club, giving his time generously to make sure the club runs smoothly. He has performed so many roles within the Club that I am sure I will forget to mention something. There would be few players, football or netball, from the 1990s/2000’s who have not had something strapped by Phil, he and his wife were the trainers at the club for many years, from junior to senior grades, dedicating every Saturday to the teams. Phil has represented the Club at League level for many years as a delegate, looking out for the Clubs best interests in that area. Phil has worn many hats at a Committee level from President for four years, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Sponsorship Officer and general Committee member, he also works extremely hard trying to generate income for the Club through Grants and other funding opportunities, the most recent benefits of this hard work to the Club have been the new netball rooms that Phil was able to secure partial funding for. This project not only involved securing funding but also coordinating the works and along with a core group of volunteers Phil spent many hours physically working on this project to make it happen for the club. On match day Phil can often be found working behind the scenes in the canteen area, always there early before the day starts to help get the canteen ready. There is never a working bee in or off season that Phil is not at, and he puts in a lot of time to the maintenance of the ground before and after games. Phil always acts with the Clubs best interests at heart, he does so much that would be unnoticed by so many, he acts in a modest way while achieving enormous things for his community and it is a pleasure to nominate him as the “Beating Heart” of Mount Pleasant.




  • Christine Conroy says,

    "Phil is a terrific community minded person, he has done so much for Toolleen's community."

  • Dylan says,

    "A selfless club legend"

  • Ange says,

    "Phil has given 100% of his time and support to the Mt pleasant Football/Netball Club."

  • Bernie Cole says,

    "First met Phil who was president when our son started playing for the Mount Pleasant Football Club 5 years ago. Was so surprised at the time of all that he did without any fanfare or self indulgence, just quietly going about the chores of running a sporting club who always had the sleeves rolled up working from early in the morning till the last person had left. That was only on game day that we saw, not to mention the behind the scene's volunteer work. He is the epitome of all volunteers for sporting clubs"

  • Wendy Walsh says,

    "Phil is a fabulous Club person who quietly goes about doing all the little things behind the scenes week in week out and has taken on any executive roles as required over the years as well. A well respected man who is non judgemental, well liked and respected by all who come into contact with him.. He is the heart & soul of Mount Pleasant Football Netball Club"

  • Kristy says,

    "Phil is an asset to our club and our community!"

  • Rachael Ashton says,

    "Phil is a legend!!!"

  • Craig James says,

    "Phil has for many, many years been a tireless worker for the Mt Pleasant Football Club, which wouldn't be what it is today without Phil's personal efforts. It's people like Phil that local footy clubs depend upon and make them sustainable, whilst many others have collapsed."

  • Anita Wild says,

    "Not a task too big or too small, always the first through the gate and last one to leave. Whether it's for football or netball, Phil is the first to put his hand up to help out. A wonderful volunteer for many years at Mount Pleasant, an asset to have around the club and a true gentleman"

  • Melissa says,

    "A loyal volunteer who puts others and the club before himself. He does the work of 10 others and never complains. Such an asset to have in our small community and a great role model."

  • Alan Walsh says,

    "Phil is very committed to community needs."

  • Brett Flavell says,

    "Heart of gold and demonstrates fantastic club culture. Thank you for all that you do!"

  • Cam Moore says,

    "Phil is a great bloke and clubman who puts the club before himself! A true credit to the mount pleasant football club!"

  • Ben says,

    "Committed to getting the job done without hesitation. Club legend."

  • Danny says,

    "He is a great guy"

  • Jack says,

    "puts in a lot of time and effort around the club!!"

  • Daniel Kerr says,

    "I like Phils hair"

  • Taig griffin says,


  • Nathan says,

    "One one the best blokes you'll meet"

  • Theresa Gee says,

    "PHIL does his job quietly and has been a dedicated club member for so many years. He expects no thanks for all the time and effort he puts in on behalf of the club. Both he and Judy are devoted club members who both do so much work for the club voluntarily."

  • Glen says,

    "Phil is always busy doing something for the club from fundraising and sponsorships to improving facilities and getting ready for matches a great club person"

  • David McNamara says,

    "There is no job, role, duty or challenge that Phil has not undertaken as a volunteer over his many many years of loyal dedication to the Mount Pleasant Football Netball Club. From the smallest to the greatest Phil has been a tireless worker in every aspect of the clubs operation. He continues to strive in all ares for improvement of the club and its facilities in his relentless but low key approach. There would be no more worthy winner of the beating heart."

  • Judy says,

    "Phil put a lot of personal time into volunteer work that makes the club what it is today."

  • Rick Dunham says,

    "Phil has been an inspiration to his club and other clubs by the commitment he has shown."

  • simon m. says,

    "Great bloke who wouldn't hesitate to help you out at a drop of a hat ."

  • Ian Walsh says,

    "Phil is a big reason why small club's like the Mt Pleasant football netball club are still so successful on and of the field."

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