Ray “Head Tomato”




An elite young swimmer himself before completing coaching qualifications, Ray began the Tomatoes Swim Club in 2012 when he was coaching a group of young swimmers for the Masters World Championships. Once the competition was over the group realised that in addition to Ray’s excellent coaching skills they were enjoying the social aspect of swimming and training together and the Tomatoes soon expanded from being an elite coaching environment to became a home for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The aim of the Tomatoes is to provide quality coaching for swimmers of all ages and abilities as well as a fun, inclusive, social environment. The motto of the club is “Fitness, friendship, fun and food”. Ray is a dedicated coach who never misses a training session. He personally plans each session, tailoring programs to suit the different ability levels of all members. Ray is an encouraging coach who personally helps each swimmer find the best in themselves. Many swimmers who were highly involved in competitive swimming growing up and found that they missed the companionship, fitness and competitiveness of swimming once they were no longer competing at the elite level have found a home at the Tomatoes where the high level swimming environment merges with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Ray regularly leads the Tomatoes to make new personal bests, win medals and break records at competitions all around Australia (while still taking out quite a few titles himself). Ray is the Beating Heart of the Tomatoes Swim Club because of his infectious enthusiasm, encouraging nature, and unwavering support of his swimmers. Ray has a strong belief that swimming is highly beneficial for mental health and is always there on a personal level to offer support to all members of the club. Ray, in conjunction with the Tomatoes, have also assisted MS Tasmania to raise over $30,000 is funds over the last three years and the Club would love to see Ray recognised for his willingness to lend a hand whenever and wherever.




  • Heath Watts says,

    "Ray master blaster knows how to get the best out of us and make us hurt the most!!"

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