RJ is our current President, Open’s Coach, Under 11’s coach, Sports Trainer and Rep Selector, along with the multitude of other roles he does at our club for our players and members. RJ has been playing at the club since he was 8yrs old and has always assisted the club in some way, but has been actively involved on the committee or in Rugby League development for the past 6 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years ago our club was put in an unfortunate position where it was shut down by the local council due to non-compliance issues and when families went to enquire about signing up they were met with large metal fencing closing off the clubhouse. RJ was instrumental in turning this around, he advocated for a new committee to be in charge, he took on the role as club president, he lobbied to council for support and funding, he recruited volunteers, orchestrated working bees and contractors to donate their time and resources, but not without significant sacrifice. For the first 18months the club operated with no electricity so he would co-ordinate training for teams in the daylight hours, motivated volunteers to get what needed to get done, he would sacrifice nearly every weekend marking fields, mowing, maintenance, planning and communicating with vendors or council, be the first to be at the club to set up the temporary canteen and the last to leave after pack up. Those who know RJ know how instrumental he has been in the rebuild of the club, but not without the support from an amazing group of volunteers around him. 3 1/2 years later he is about to step down as President, but can do this knowing that now the club house and field has lighting and electricity, it has secured funding for a field upgrade next year, the membership base has gone from 80 kids and 100 members to now being 185 kids, 320 members, 45 opens players, he has sought and secured a multitude of sponsors and supporters, the canteen is fully functional, we have an office for our volunteers to work from and he has finished off this season as a premiership winning coach with his Under 11’s team. We can not be any prouder of RJ and thankful for everything he has done for the club, the sacrifices he has made for hundreds of other people and the long lasting impact he will have on the club in may years to come. RJ has the heart of a lion and is the beating heart of our club.




  • Alicia says,

    "YOur amazing and will never truly know how much you have done for so many people around you. A Lion through and through, I am so proud of you."

  • Mitchell says,

    "Everything this man does is from the heart he does so much for the young kids and parents around this club and knows how to get a good bunch of people beside him to make it all work over a 150 kids play at this football club and the club would not be there today if it was not for him just ask anyone"

  • Rach hinds says,

    "Without RJ this club would not be alive today. He has spent many hours of his own time away from his family to ensure the kids and opens have somewhere to play and grow. RJ is such an incredible human being.. He is one in a million and we are forever greatfull to have him in our hearts and life. Thank you RJ !!"

  • Dane says,

    "Rj is the heart and soul of our football club, the effort he has shown to get the club back to how it was when we were children is amazing. I played football with Rj as a kid, he led the team on the field with passion and determination second to none, likewise the way he is leading the mighty Slacks Creek Lions back to their former glory. My son now plays as a junior and I can honestly say that without the pride and passion shown by this great man we would be somewhere else as the club would no longer be. Love you brother and thanks."

  • Nate says,

    "He took us opens boys a group of players that had never played together before and turned us into a well organised tiet nit group of blokes"

  • Tanya Hazard says,

    "My boys have played at this wonderful club since 2004. At the end of 2013 our club was shut down. If it was not for R.J leading the charge I truely believe our club would no longer exist. I've been the manager of many teams over the years and I have had teenage boys on my teams that were virtually street kids. For these boys their team was their family and their Club was their home. The pride in that jersey is unbelievable. My family and I will be forever grateful for what R.J and his family have sacrificed to keep our club alive."

  • Ana says,

    "RJ is the most dedicated man, what he does for the club and the people of the club is awe inspiring. Heart of a lion."

  • Jen says,

    "RJ lives and breathes for his club. Without a doubt his family is his number one priority in life, but many believe the work he does for the club is 'for' his family. The Club has been an integral part of his upbringing, and now he is sharing the passion, love and community the club brings, with his own family. He is a genuine hard worker who puts everyone before himself and his efforts have tremendous enhanced the future growth opportunities for his club. He truly is a leader and a pillar of his community."

  • Gail Linford says,

    "Awesome stepson. Always sacrificing himself for others but also knows how to have fun and motivate people."

  • Stephen Pont says,

    "RJ is a great ambassador for the club. His dedication over the years not only as a player but as a club representative and as a coach and mentor to young players in the area is nothing short of sensational. RJ deserves every accolade he gets and I am proud to call him my son."

  • Chad says,

    "Well done Rj you secured the creeks future now have a year enjoying watching and having a beer."

  • Tanya says,

    "My boys have played at this club since 2004. At the end of 2013 our wonderful club was closed. R.J rallied the troops and with a new committee managed to keep our club from being forever lost. I have managed many teams over the years and I have had teenage boys on my teams that were virtually street kids. For these boys their team was their family and their club was their home. The pride in the Jersey that these guys wear is unbelievable. My family and I will be forever grateful for what R.J, his own and our Slacks Creek family have sacrificed to keep our club alive."

  • Matthew Muir says,

    "He is a very kind hearted person and always gives his 100%"

  • Cameron Ford says,

    "RJ is the kind of bloke who wears his heart on his sleeve. He would without a doubt, give you the shirt off his back, even if he did not know you. I know these are cliche but he is undoubtedly the best guy I have the pleasure of knowing. His pride, his passion, his massive heart along with his amazing dedication and loyalty are just some of the things that make up the man. From home to work to the footy club, he is constantly raising the bar when it comes to being a role model, parent and friend. A true gentleman in every sense of the word, those who are fortunate enough to interact with him are infected by his contagious love and enthusiasm for life. What he has been able to achieve over the last 3-4 years in particular with slacks Creek footy club is nothing short of a miracle. The success was a huge team effort, and was a direct result of RJ'S hard work and sleepless nights. It was pieced together by people who were only too happy to give back and help the 1 person who constantly puts everyone before himself."

  • Diane Lindquist says,

    "Rj what an outstanding young man you've become I'm proud to call you my nephew . You do all this while doing a full time demanding job and having a happy wife and 4 beautiful kids πŸ€”Amazing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I vote you for next Prime Minister πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ"

  • Jo says,

    "Focused, passionate, driven, dedicated, the go to man and all around good guy"

  • Pete says,

    "He's a ripper bloke!"

  • Leanne says,

    "Rj is a great coach and role model for the children he coaches."

  • Laurel says,

    "Rj has a heart of gold and excepts everyone for who they are. A very inspiring role model for our young future leaders that look up to him. We have only been at the club for 2 years and have been accepted like a family member. Couldnt ask for a better bloke."

  • Brett Robinson says,

    "Absolute ripper of a bloke.. Always puts his heart and soul into not only all the junior rugby teams at slacks creek but into all the seniors aswell as touch and trl on the off season and anyone associated with the club and im sure he does alot of other stuff for various other places.."

  • Vanessa L says,

    "Watching him coach my nephew's team has been a pleasure. Lovely to see the morals and standards he is teaching these young boys to live by!"

  • AV says,

    "RJ has a genuine passion to create a football club, but more importantly a community!"

  • Jeff says,

    "You won't find a more genuine guy. Would give you the shirt off his back. Congratulations for all you have achieved RJ"

  • Adrian says,

    "Champion bloke"

  • Vicki Dark says,

    "Hope you win RJ"

  • Carlie Curtis; local real estate agent/ club supporter says,

    "Since we ( Donna Mills Properties team )started supporting the club a few years ago, RJ has always been ther to help the club at events and help the kids. This club is located at the heart of a family area in Daisy Hill and Slacks Creek, known to produce local sports talent, making the clubhouse and its members an investment for our community and future. Vote DJ to help him and others help support the future of our kids . https://m.facebook.com/donnamillsproperties/photos/a.602756649929360.1073741832.248242415380787/616180715253620/?type=3&source=54"

  • Gill Griffin says,

    "I have known RJ since he was a young boy at Primary school playing in my school football teams and playing footy at Slacks Creek .He is such a dedicated club person who has worked so hard to get our old Club back on its feet I truly admire everything that he has achieved at the Club over the last few years and to me he is the heart and soul of Slacks Creek Rugby League club and I don't doubt for one minute without his enthusiam and dedication the club would not have survived .Very proud of you RJ"

  • Simmo says,

    "RJ really is a top bloke! It's been a privilege being coached by someone who is not only passionate about the team and club that we all represent but also the game of rugby league. Whilst we might not have finished on top of the ladder we came away from our season with a bunch of new brothers. Thanks for all the continuous effort RJ, you're truely a legend and it's great to be part of such a passionate club!"

  • Joanne wihongi says,

    "My grandson an his cousins play for this club without Rj they wouldnt have this club ."

  • John McL says,

    "Community champion. Great family man, great bloke."

  • Memo Tamer says,

    "I have known RJ for a few years now and he has always been a man to his word and a hard worker. He does everything he can for the club and strongly supports the kids and there family always and makes a great role model for the kids. Good luck RJ."

  • Nathan hurst says,

    "Good man and did alot for the club. Would not be there without him. Very well deserved Nomination."

  • Lisa Correa says,

    "I am so grateful that my son has had the pleasure of having RJ as his coach. I am particularly thankful for what RJ has taught Nic, and I don't just mean the things he has undoubtedly taught him about the great game of rugby league, I'm thankful for the lessons about fair play, respect, commitment, dedication and loyalty. RJ is an amazing role model to many and is the beating heart of our club."

  • Ghot says,

    "He's a champ and a brother to every one!"

  • T Sandiford says,

    "The savior of slacks creek rugby league club is a inspirational guidance to many who are proud and privileged to have not only took the paddock in a creek Jersey but also for those supporters who have stepped foot on usher park home of the lion's and proudly watched the magic the creek boy's enforce on the field , for the hic ups and set backs that have come upon the creek footy club over the past few years clearly needed a genuine act of heroism to step in and take the reigns and with great ethics and passion for his club R.J PONT and the cavalry he was fortunate enough to recruit to not only rebuild the set back's they were faced with but to re peice slacks creek rugby league clubs legacy of the past the current and the future that it is yet to indure . It is safe to say with sacrifices and endless time that R.J has produced has indeed inspired many people elders and youth and has now givin the up and coming generations of junior's and seniors opportunity's for plenty more great careers to be made on the slacks creek footy field. The acts of heroism produced by R.J and his Calvary are beyond a inspiration. I believe its good Samaritans like R.J that give other Samaritans great hope of a successful futures . LONG LIVE SLACKS CREEK FOOTY CLUB"

  • Kaye Bourke says,

    "I am so proud to call RJ my son-in-law, he is everything that has been said about him & more. RJ is not just & inspiration to his footy family but to everyone that he comes into contact with, just wish the world could have more RJ's ."

  • Nathan says,

    "A great person to learn from"

  • Debbie Crowe says,

    "Awesome coach kids love him"

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