Rob O’Brien was appointed as Club President in 2014, was awarded Life Member of the Club in 2010, has been awarded Best Club Person and this year will celebrate 20 years service as an active patrol member. He has held a number of leadership positions at the State and National Level of life saving and his past roles for the Club include patrol captain, club captain, chief instructor, secretary, surf boat rowing crew member and more recently Team Manager for the IRB racing team.

Rob is quite simply the most hardest working member of the Club and he dedicates 100’s of hours of his time across the entire year to provide the Club with the leadership that it requires to grow and prosper along with countless hours in training, patrolling, advising, mentoring…the list goes on.

He is passionate about the training and development of young people and the active inclusion of all club members across all age groups.

But it is not just Rob’s dedication to the pursuit of life saving that makes him an outstanding leader and in-deed the ‘heart beat of our Club’. Any leader can lead an organisation through the good times, but it is the true heart beat and leader that can lead a Club through times of tragedy. Surf Life Saving has it’s many highs and unfortunately we must face the lows.

In 2015 Rob lead the Club when we suffered the tragic loss of a young vibrant leader in a car accident. Rob’s compassion for the family; care of the young people in our Club who were grieving; his duty of care to the welfare of all people affected in the wider surf community and his ability to organise a team to assist the Club in honoring the member who was tragically killed will be remembered as one of his sadest achievements as a leader, and at the same time – defining moment in the Club’s history of leadership.




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