Robert Drozdz has been a member of White Star Dandenong soccer club for 10 years. His passion for soccer saw him join the club as a player. During his time playing for the club his passion, commitment and dedication grew for both the sport and the soccer club. Knee injuries meant that Robert could no longer play, but this was not enough to see him disengage himself from the club. He realised that he had more to give to this club and more importantly to others. Unable to contribute to the club as a player his giving nature and support for the club saw him engage in many and various demanding roles including team manager, committee member and Juniors co coordinator and co coach. All volunteer roles which he describes as rewarding for others as much as for himself.

His passion for soccer, children and providing opportunities to others within the community drove Roberts vision for the club to establish a Juniors presence within the club. A vision to create a “football club for the community”.

The off season saw Robert spend countless hours promoting the club within the Greater City of Dandenong and planning and executing various events and school visits within the community. His active campaigning with the club resulted in the signing of 48 new junior members across 4 teams. This passion and focus for community work drove and made real the clubs and Robert’s vision of “creating a football club for the community – one club, one family”.

There was a single event early in 2016 driven and organised by Robert which really saw the club vision come to life and set the tone for the club. In response to hearing of the unfortunate news that one of the club’s junior players Piotrus was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumour and that the only life saving treatment option available for him was in China, Robert didn’t have to think twice about supporting Piotrus and his family. The day after learning this Robert was already getting the ball rolling to organise a fundraiser to assist Piotrus and his family to travel overseas to make their only hope of saving their son’s life a reality.

Within just two weeks the club grounds played host to a fundraising event “Picnic for Piotrus” where over 600 people including the likes of sponsors, businesses, the club and their families and the wider community gathered (together with an online campaign) which allowed the club to hand over $40 000 to the family.

This single event that was organised and driven by Robert really established and communicated to members of White Star Dandenong what the club stands for and has really set the culture for the club. This has not only been evident internally, but having received exposure within the local papers, councils and receiving recognition awards, this important message was also conveyed to the wider local community, an inspiring and motivating message encouraging others to be a part of this club, this community.

Robert’s commitment and dedication to the club this season has been evident in his many and various roles including: head of the juniors, a coach for the U12 teams and Vice President of the club. The amount of time (all voluntary), dedication and love for the club has been not only inspiring to its grateful members and families, but more importantly has set the tone for what this club stands for. It is this positive and engaging energy that has encouraged and inspired new families and members to want to be part of and help at the club – which is the key driver and reason of why such community clubs can exist and grow.




  • Krystyna says,

    "Thanks brother for doing it for the kids!"

  • Kamil says,

    "Legend of a bloke with a massive heart, get voting!!"

  • Greg says,

    "Amazing how a bloke can sacrifice so much for both the community and individuals he does not even know personally. Absolute legend!"

  • Joseph.W says,

    "Your a awesome coach and uncle."

  • Tomas says,

    "Best coach ever!!"

  • Angela says,

    "I would like to nominate Robert from White Star Dandenong FC for his dedication to come and train our children at the club every tuesday and thurday. My son Claudiu went this year at the club White Star and he was really pleased to have Robert as his coach . Robert is very sensible and very dedicated for the children and the club Every Sunday he encouranged the boys to do their best in the matches competitions. He really deserves this Nomination. Thank you White Star Dandenong FC!"

  • Shane says,

    "Dedicated ,passionate, professional and friendly great bloke who goes well and truly above and beyond with the club"

  • Chris Judd says,

    "Well Done Bob! Keep up the great work. Enjoy the spoils of helping the club out and the success that it brings!"

  • Marta says,

    "Has so much time for the little guys, and a big heart"

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