Roshan came to the Rangers straight after high school and quickly became the go-to person for new players and club related questions. He is undoubtedly the most passionate bloke at the club and rides every win and loss like it was a Grand Final, whether it is him team or not. Over the years, Roshan has held several executive roles at the club and is the first one to put his hand up to fill up water bottles, help behind the bar and is always the first player to pay his subs or purchase a ticket to a social function. I can guarantee you, he is the only club member with our logo as his phone screensaver!

This season Roshan realised that we could have a stronger relationship with the school (Unley High), so he went out of his way to organise a charity fundraiser match between the Unley High XI and the Rangers at the end of the season. This acted as a great introduction to the club for the school players and we have already had strong interest from several of them to play in 2017. These are the kind of selfless efforts that keep our club moving forward and Roshan is the driving force behind it.




  • Alessandro says,

    "Having worked with Roshan at Unley Rangers for 10 years I can safely say he is one of the most selfless, reliable, humble and caring people I have ever come across. Proud to call him a mate, team-mate and co-worker. A solid gold legend."

  • Troy West says,

    "I have known Roshan for many years through our soccer club. There is no doubt the Unley Rangers is a lucky club to have Roshan around. The amount of work he does around the place is un-matched. All done with a smile as well!"

  • Ryan says,

    "Absolutely an all time legend of the Unley Rangers. Top guy all round!!! Love your work!! So many selfless hours...."

  • Wayde says,

    "At my time at Unley Rangers, Roshan's work for the club never went unnoticed. He was always the first to get there and the last to leave. he'd help anyone that was in need regardless of it being someone new to the club or the life members. Although I am no longer at the club I still admire his time and effort he puts in. You're a Legend Rosh"

  • Garry says,

    "Hard to match this bloke for enthusiasm and passion for any team he supports on or off the pitch. There's many reasons why he has won the clubs off field award numerous times for the amount of effort he puts in, and always with a smile on his face."

  • Chris says,

    "A true gentleman,"

  • Sass says,

    "Rosh is the most passionate footballer that ever played at any level! His passion goes far beyond the 90 minutes mark!"

  • Daisy says,

    "He's genuinely passionate about his club and has been for as long as I've known him. He's supportive of his team mates and goes out of his way to make everyone feel involved and welcomed!"

  • Paul Cooksey says,

    "Roshan has put many many hours (possibly totally years) organising and motivating over 100 guys to train, play and support a club of motly lads and helped make it into a real powerhouse of local football. He has always got time for people, always got a smile, and always makes you welcome. Well done mate. You deserve every accolade for your work."

  • Vanessa says,

    "Roshan always remembers my name - sincere & a well mannered gent."

  • Greeny says,

    "Roshan is a top bloke - team player & a gent!!"

  • Rachael Wilson says,

    "Roshan is an all round great guy, he deserves this more than anyone!"

  • Eddie says,

    "Admired throughout the club, Rosh puts in 150% at training, 200% on match day, yet doesn't hesitate to volunteer running the lines and can always be relied on for words of positive encouragement on the pitch. On ya Rosh!"

  • Nicole says,

    "Roshan always has everyones best interests at heart, old friends or new. He will always take the time to stop, say hi and ask how you are and what's new. A true genuine friend and all round top bloke."

  • Ryan Skene says,

    "A man with boundless energy and passion for the club. He promotes everything which is good about the sport. You could not find a more agreeable bloke - true living legend!"

  • Billie says,

    "My fiancé Matt is one of the Ranger boys and a good friend of Roshan's. From all accounts, this guy is the gem of the bunch. A truely passionate man who channels his endless enthusiasm and dedication into Unley Old Scholars -and probably will until the day he leaves this earth! For Roshan to care so much about his local team and give it the heart and spirit that he does, is something to be proud of. We need more local heros like this man!"

  • Leigh Rowan says,

    "Not many bigger legends than Roshan..."

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