Russell Fort is the President of the Woden Blues Football Club, a senior player and the heart and soul of our club.
Russell has been at the club since 2012 starting out as a player and taking over the reins as President in 2015, in what was the clubs 20th anniversary in the ACT AFL competition. In Russell’s first year as President he introduced a second team for the club, something never done before in the clubs history. No small feat for a local community club that was in a dire financial position only a few years beforehand. That position has since been turned around on the back of Russ’s hard work who has drummed up new talent and new support, while maintaining the clubs long held affiliation with its major sponsors. Bringing on new sponsors is a major talent of Russell’s and he has brought over 10 new sponsors to the club in this short period. Russ won the AFL Canberra’s Volunteer of the year Award in 2015 for recognition of all of his hard work. But Russ isn’t just about getting new sponsors; he is involved in every aspect of the club from supporting canteen operations, organising functions, leading fundraisers, making the club part of the ‘good sports community’ and promoting the WBFC culture. Russ easily contributes more than 20 hours a week to this football club.
By supporting the club to grow, Russ has allowed more community footballers than ever to play in a competitive league with a great club culture. Russ has organised new playing attire, new training attire, new footballs and brought the club an affiliation with another major Canberra football club to provide pathways to more senior levels of football. All of this effort paying off dividends on the field, with the 3rd grade side going back to back in 2015 & 2016 as premiers of the competition and the 4th grade side making finals in both 2015 & 2016.
In hearing about all of the ‘new’ ways Russ has supported the club it would be easy to think the past has been forgotten, but it is in fact quite the opposite. Russ has built on and maintained the bedrock of the club, with its core values of mateship, respect for our founders, life members, current and previous committee’s and volunteers at the heart of the club. The club has a long and proud history of being a social but competitive football club long held in high regard by supporters, players and opposition. Russ has guided the evolution of the club and along with all of the other volunteers and leaders of the club, created a family. Russ has the full support of the WBFC community and is respected by all members for his tireless effort.
Russ deserves this award for all of the things that are mentioned here, but he deserves it more for all of the things that aren’t measured, like his friendship to players and members, his offers to always help a mate in need and his love for our great club.




  • Jake lee says,

    "If Russ isn't the most genuine person that Canberra has ever seen then pigs can fly. True champion."

  • John says,

    "As a player of the Woden Blues football club, I can wholeheartedly vouch for what has been said about Russell. His commitment to grassroots football deserves to be recognised."

  • Darren says,

    "Russell's commitment to this football club is extraordinary. With most of his hard work going unrecognized it would be great to finally see some recognition for him. Absolute legend!"

  • Wayne cook says,

    "Russell is the heart and soul of our footy club. His never ending desire to see our club thrive is un matched."

  • Benjamin says,

    "This bloke is an absolute legend"

  • John says,

    "This bloke is an absolute legend!! Russell's level of commitment to this Football is second to none. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say - We don't know how he does it. Whilst he won Volunteer of the Year for AFL Canberra, his commitment and dedication to the Woden Blues Football Club is unbelievable and this award would be the cherry on the cake."

  • Gavin says,

    "Passionate and proud. The heart and soul of the Woden Blues football club."

  • Daniel says,

    "True legend of the woden blues"

  • Emma van Smethills says,

    "Russ has the most amount of heart and dedication I have ever seen!! He loves the club, he loves the community that comes with it and his tenacity makes everyone involved just as passionate as he is!!"

  • Martine says,

    "True gentleman with a huge heart who goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome at the Woden Blues AFC."

  • Sarah Martin says,

    "Russel is very commited in what ever he does wether it be social family or work. Since i have met him he has always spoken highly in all areas of his sporting life and loves to be there to do what he can for the team and always backs them 100%"

  • Jarrod Conway says,

    "A dead set champion with a heart of gold."

  • Jamie-Lee Conway says,

    "Russ is a champion."

  • Brian says,

    "The word LEGEND doesn't do justice..."

  • Chris says,

    "Russ the man!!!!"

  • Lee says,

    "This guy is the beating heart of the Woden blues, captain my captain"

  • Brad says,

    "Russell is an exceptional man. The last person to ask for help, he seems to juggle so many priorities in his life so well. Outstanding individual. There are few words that could sum up Russell's devotion to this club and football as a sport."

  • Cable Dohnt says,

    "Legend bloke. Always puts his mates and the football club ahead of himself. Tireless worker who puts a massive amount of time into running the club. Love him absolute champion!!"

  • Mitch says,

    "Great person and a great mate, he would do anything for any of his friends.."

  • Amy says,

    "A wonderful man who puts his whole heart into everything he does."

  • Cheryl says,

    "Best of luck Russell"

  • nick says,

    "Known Russell since I was a kid and his never changed always a strong hard working individual with a massive heart"

  • Ricky Fort says,

    "Russell is the heart and the soul of the Woden Blues Football Club, All the best mate."

  • Bevan says,

    "As not just president but also as a player his commitment to making his club successful and admired both on and off the ground is outstanding. I first me Russell as I was an umpire and they way he treated and respected myself and others was a credit to him, his family and his club"

  • Jon harris says,

    "Commitment to the Woden blues football club has been tremendous. Always willing to help out to make sure things run smoothly. A fantastic ambassador for the club and the sport in general, and an all round good guy."

  • Nate says,

    "Always gives up his time for the club"

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