Sam Salemi 2014 Fairfield City Council Citizen of the Year. This sums up Mr Sam Salemi. To be awarded this title just goes to show what a dedicated volunteer Sam is to the community and describes volunteering in his community as a privilege. Becoming an Australia citizen in 1967,resident of Cabramatta for almost 30yrs, Sam had become a pillar of strength not only to the Lions Club of Fairfield and the Cabramatta PCYC, but for the Marconi Fencing Academy which he has been there from day one since 2005 and is still going very strong being coach, armorer, referees bouts, runs fitness training and all rounder to all. Sam is an integral part of the smooth running of the Fencing Academy. Sam always notes that Fencing is not a high profile sport but it is different and sometimes that is what is needed for kids who have not taken to other sports. Being a dedicated volunteer takes up alot of time but you always see Sam with a wonderful smile with always a friendly word for everyone. “He has a wealth of knowledge and is much loved. respected and appreciated by everyone not only at the Fencing Academy but in all that he does for the community.




  • Aleks Kotevski says,

    "I have known Sam for the past 4 years as I am a member of the Marconi Fencing Acedemy. Sam goes beyond expectations to accomodate for all our athletes. He is a kind and helpful man who is always willing to help you out. He is a great role model to everyone at the club and to everyone who comes and visits."

  • Gabriela says,

    "Good luck"

  • Tanya Buchanan says,

    "Sam is a true gentleman. He is one of the kindest most giving people you will ever have the honour to meet. Sam is a pillar of the Marconi Fencing family and a much loved figure by members past and present. An award such as this could not go to a more deserving man."

  • Alexander says,

    "Sam is a wise and cheery fellow. Always willing to give a helping hand and provide advice."

  • Paul Kurtyka says,

    "Sam is the perfect gentleman who always has time and good advice for everyone..."

  • Vince Caccamo says,

    "Sam is true gentleman and always a pleasure to be around. I have known Sam for almost two years now and am delighted to have Sam as my sons coach and mentor. Sam will always be the first person at an event and the last person to leave and is much loved by everyone around him."

  • Hedy Brunet says,

    "Sam is always ready to help others in Fencing. He is open and honest and he is a good role model to the young fencers."

  • Tamina says,

    "Sam is inspirational & kind hearted. Great coach with great patience. Good luck Sam"

  • Carla Ciccarelli says,

    "Sam is the heart and soul of Marconi Fencing Academy. Without Sam, the Academy would struggle to survive. His generosity of time, and knowledge and his patience and unending commitment to kids and the community as a whole is something that is rare to find. He works tirelessly without any request for reward orrecognition and he is admired and respected by everyone that knows him."

  • teresa says,

    "Sam is a great coach and mentor to anyone that shows interest and passion for the sport of Fencing. He is always keen to help others achieve their personal best . Sam is also able to communicate with the parents and offer advice and support. He is a great armourer and passionate about the sport of Fencing."

  • Leah Mangion says,

    "Going to Marconi Fencing Academy means you're part of a family, Sam is such an important part of our fencing family at Marconi. He provides emotional support for the athletes, wise coaching words when you need them and gives you a little push into action when you need that too. The amount of hours and effort he puts into the club is astounding and appreciated by all. He is truely deserving of an award such as this."

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