Samantha is our “Junior President” she has been doing that role for the last 5 years and has been an active member of our club for 11 years. Since she has taken on the role the club has started to feel like a family Samantha is known to a lot of the boys just as “Mum” and will go out of her way to help every 235 Juniors members. Samantha also helps with Seniors and again knows every players name, partners and family. She demands our players to play the game hard but to always play by the rules and for everyone to display the best sportsmanship.
Last January one of our U/15s players died the teenagers in the club and community were devastated as soon as she heard the news Samantha opened the Clubrooms so they had somewhere to grieve in a safe controlled environment and arranged for our Club Caplain to come talk to the kids. She was available to all of them 24/7 and to the family of the boy who past. Everything Samantha does is in a selfless manner, if something needs done then she just does it. She really is the “Mother Bear and Heart” of our club.




  • Gareth says,

    "Great club person is the heart of the club and a 2nd mother to so many players"

  • Rosamona says,

    "Samantha has the biggest heart. She is kind hearted and caring. She will go out of her way to help others and will always find a way to help families from our rugby club and community. Our children all call her mum, because she cares and loves them all. She is an amazing lady and i am blessed to know her."

  • Tanya york says,

    "Sam is amazing women and works very hard in very things does at the club. She is the heart of the club"

  • Tania says,

    "From the moment we first registered our son with the club, Sam has made us feel welcome and part of the family. She treats our boy and all the boys as if they were her own, and that's part of the reason we love her so much! She truely is a blessing and a beautiful person xx"

  • Cindy Scholtz says,

    "Sam is passionate about rugby and our club. She works hard to make sure everything is well organized and everyone is happy."

  • josh says,

    "sam is a loving and caring person who will always be there if you are seeking help or felling worried about something. Sam is a hardworking manager and is always there cheering on any southern lions team she sees."

  • Christine Schulz says,

    "I am new to the club, Sam has made my family feel very welcome and has made us feel part of the lion family straight away. Thanks Sam x"

  • Tarnz says,

    "She really is a great leader that everyone loves xx"

  • Cherie says,

    "Sam is an inspiration to parents and children for southern lions. She always puts others first before herself. Sam is not only a wife and mother but also works full time. Through her busy schedule she rarely misses a meeting, tournament, club function or simply just supporting a team. Sam contributes to making the rugby club as one."

  • Lynda Bain says,

    "Samantha has made us feel very welcome when joining the club. She always has an encouraging word for everyone. But... you say/play in the wrong spirit she will come down on you like a tonne of bricks. She has a genuine love for all members of the club."

  • Tony says,

    "When people need advice or if somethings needs doing Sam holt will always try and find an answer or solution on how to sort things out. Always puts other people first so it time everyone should put Sam first. So voting for Sam should not be a hard thing for people to do. Best of luck"

  • Lara Tite says,

    "Not a member of this club, but I do know Sam and the Holt family well and I can vouch for everything said here. Sam is a committed and involved mum that works long hours, looks after her family well and tirelessly supports them in achieving all their various successes, yet finds the time amidst all this to be the heart and soul of this football club. Every club needs a Sam Holt and Southern Lions are the lucky ones. :)"

  • Mitchell says,

    "She is like a mother to me"

  • Pauline Derham says,

    "Samantha gives her all to the club"

  • Lisa says,

    "Her passion and love for the game and club is infectious . Always professional ,friendly and hardworking."

  • Rawiri says,

    "Such a hard working and a loving person! Someone we can always rely on to get the job done."

  • Noeline Tini says,

    "Thank you Sam for your sincere & selfless contribution in everything you do. You have such a beautiful soul I admire everything you do. God Bless xx 😘"

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