Amy “Sav” Ryan is a true inspiration within the QUT Hockey Club community. Amy Originally joined the club in 2010 and since then has shown her commitment to the club, its culture, as well as to the wider sporting community. She has shown this through her light hearted but tenacious personality and her resilience to ensure that the club continues to strive forward.

Amy has held a management position for the past 5 years, with the past two years holding the role of President. Amy alongside her managerial roles has offered her services in the role of Men’s head coach, for the past 3 years, no easy task where she supports and encourages the other men’s coaches as well as coaches the top men’s team. She also offered her services as a “standard” coach for the two years prior to stepping into the head coach role.

Amy does not only support the growth of the QUT Hockey Club, but inspires the entire hockey community to grow through her coaching (Queensland U13 girls) and managerial roles in the Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association. Furthermore, she even supports the wider QUT sporting community with her dedication to QUT’s Sport and constantly offering to volunteer her time and services. For her services she received the Jodi Martin Service to Sport Award in 2012, and the Australian University Sport Service Award 2014. Throughout her time, she has volunteered as an umpire, as a stall holder, as an umpiring coordinator, and continuously offers her services as a women’s committee member. Amy Ryan is a dedicated person and without her, the QUT Hockey Club would not be what it is today, and would not have the enormous potential to grow that is does now.




  • Edward Winch says,

    "Best coach I've ever had."

  • Jacqui says,

    "She always has a smile and a positive outlook Willing to go the extra yard"

  • Petra O'Meara says,

    "Sav is really hardworking. She has a number of roles in the club. Not only is she the President and a player in the top team, she coaches the top men's team and can be found wielding the tongs at barbeques! Sav is really the beating heart of QUT Hockey Club Inc."

  • Mandy Ryan says,

    "Sav is a very dedicated person. Is passionate about her club, her team and the teams she coaches or umpires. She works tirelessly to getting everything ready for the competitions and throughout the whole season, wether organising uniforms, equipment, umpire selections,fitness training and also many many social events for all to attend and enjoy. Many many hours are spent in helping others achieve and enjoy their own personal experience."

  • Amelia says,

    "I love Sav. xx"

  • Heidi says,

    "Best person ever. Committed, approachable, hard working. Sav gives her all to everything hockey!"

  • Kylie says,

    "Sav is extremely passionate about hockey and our club. She puts in all her free time to make sure we function, social events, comps, training and development, coaching, you name it, she does it."

  • Cristey says,

    "Passionate is a word for deceiving Amy's commitment to Hockey. She is thoroughly deserving :)"

  • Malcolm says,

    "Sav in a short time at the helm of the top Qut team turned around their fortunes dramatically. She has since built on this improvement with gains in consistency and culture. They are a great team to play within, and a very difficult team to play against. From both perspectives you can see her influence. This is no accident, she equally applies knowledge from all aspects of the sport. Fitness, tactics, culture, talent development, nothing is overlooked. Add to all of this her involvement with the club and how could you not vote for her."

  • Steve says,

    "Tireless work ethic yet still loveable like a house cat. A house cat that purrs greatness and struts around with grace and poise. Just like a kitten she is playful and has time for everyone whilst also maintaining the wisdom of a fully grown house cat."

  • Bonnie says,

    "Most dedicated person I know!"

  • Shona says,

    "From being my coach to playing with her over the years she is a true leader and always lends a helping hand in any situation xxxx"

  • Gavin Watling says,

    "Sav has true natural leadership qualities. Her trustworthiness and people skills are a huge asset to QUT."

  • Sarah says,

    "Amy is the most dedicated sportswoman I know!!!!! And passionate, not to mention talented!"

  • Mick Ryan says,

    "Sav is an absolutely amazing woman who is totally dedicated to her club and profession. She deserves all the credit she receives!"

  • James says,

    "Lives and breathes hockey for her team mates, team, club, state and country, couldnt ask for a more dedicated person."

  • Chris says,

    "Amy is brilliant in everything she does for the club. Anyone should model their attitude on hers"

  • Anders kinsella says,

    "Great leader within the club. Driving the mens side of the club forward to new heights"

  • Dragon says,

    "A lotta heart, a lotta dedication!"

  • Kumaresan Kandasamy (Kumar) says,

    ""Sav supports the growth of the QUT Hockey Club and She is really hardworking""

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