Sharon Gaskin is a mother to 4 children of which 3 have left the nest & she contributes 150% to her club while helping to run a family business, and working part-time for a local touring company. She is a Parndana Netball Club Life Member & a Kangaroo Island Netball Association Life Member, she has also been awarded our football club “Club Person Award”.
On Netball / Football Grand Final day 2016 Sharon will be turning 50 years of age.

Sharon’s Club involvement this season is no less than previous seasons. She is currently The Vice President and the Recording Officer with the Parndana Netball Club and an active member of the committee. Sharon keeps the playing records of our club up-to-date and consequently organized the badges & banner presentation of 3 playing members who had achieved their 200th Senior games this year. Sharon ensures that the courts are set up for Saturday game days & all the equipment is available for all the teams.
Sharon retired from playing netball in 2015 to concentrate on coaching, umpiring and her other interests. Sharon is one of a few players who have played over 300 Senior games for the Parndana Netball Club and is also an active player for basketball and softball.
Sharon is the B-grade coach at Parndana for netball this season & her team is currently undefeated. Her coaching spans over 30 years at club level for basketball and netball and has up till last year also been involved with the Kangaroo Island Netball Association Country Champ teams. She does not hesitate in sharing her knowledge and skills with everyone. Sharon presently plans & runs the training sessions for all grades on Wednesday nights and assists the other coaches in team selection.
Sharon is one of several umpires at Parndana who umpire netball regularly. In 2016, Sharon continues to be a mentor to the club umpires at Parndana, and to any umpire in the association who would like some training, assistance or support. Sharon is always willing to pass on her knowledge of umpiring to her colleagues.
Sharon is a National B-Grade netball umpire, the only B-Grade umpire on Kangaroo Island. Sharon has also umpired for basketball over the years for our club.

Sharon is currently the Manager of the catering committee at Parndana and is responsible for preparing all the menus & ordering all the food for Wednesday night teas, Saturday home games which caters for up to 100 people & all manner of catering functions, including working bees, progressive teas and windups. Cooking and catering is a great passion of Sharon’s and nobody is hungry when she is around. Over the winter season this is a huge role along with Sharon’s netball commitments. Most people would rest over the summer months but Sharon continues with the cricket, tennis and softball canteens and on occasions main meals. Over this 12 month period she has helped raise $20,000.00 for our club on outside functions alone including the KICE Yr 12 Formal and several weddings including her own sons’.
Sharon is also willing to give up her own time outside of her existing commitments to organise social activities at the Parndana Sports Club to help raise money for injured players, or for local families affected by something outside of their control.

Sharon has on many occasions nominated worthy individuals at our club for awards over the years and I believe it is her turn to be awarded for all she does. She is an individual who extends herself often beyond her own needs to ensure that people enjoy their sport and involvement at our club for now and many years to come. She is a worthy nomination for the Good Sports “Beating Heart” award .




  • Katrina Wills says,

    "Sharon does a fantastic job around the Parndana Sports Club. She is always there Wednesday nights during the footy/netball season for training cooking teas, coaching, mentoring umpires or assisting with drills for training. On game day Sharon is there umpiring, supporting players, coaching, cooking, cheering on the footy basically you name it Sharon is involved. Sharon's commitment to Parndana Sports Club doesn't stop a the end of the footy/netball season either, once the cricket, basketball and softball seasons start Sharon is there to lend a hand umpiring, scoring,cheering the teams on and once again in the kitchen cooking. She's also a committed club member when it comes to fundraising events and is definitely a valued member of our club."

  • Nicole Speed says,

    "Kangaroo Island is a very isolated community, but somehow manages to have a thriving sport scene purely because of the hard work and determination of people in the community like Sharon. I left school 20 years ago now but Sharon was back then, and still is an integral part of the Parndana Sports Club. Without members like her these children in country areas wouldn't have the opportunities they do to mix it with the best from the mainland, and get to elite levels of sport. Funding is a crucial part of allowing kids to travel up to Adelaide or interstate to train and every little bit helps. Sharon would be a very worthy recipient of the Beating Heart Award."

  • Ben gaskin says,

    "Go mum!!!"

  • Tamsin Wendt says,

    "You will not find someone who is more dedicated to her sports club and the well being of it's members, particularly junior members. Parndana is lucky to have Sharon"

  • Julie says,

    "She's just so BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Love my Auntie"

  • Jean Dennis says,

    "Sharon is a dedicated member of our community, supporting recreation for all age groups. She would be a worthy recipient of this award."

  • Ange campbell says,

    "Sharon is an amazing mentor & coach and has remained a devoted community member all the while bringing up four of her own beautiful children. Passionate about sport she has contributed above and beyond the role of coach for many years. Congratulations ont all your efforts and hard work !!"

  • Pipi Mainland says,

    "Crazy-devoted to her club and the wider community. Efficient, pro-active and ridiculously passionate."

  • Peter Cooper says,

    "Would like to thanks Sharon for her endless hours of voluntary work in the Parndana Sports Club and the community."

  • Samantha Cockshell says,

    "I am not a member of the Parndana Sports Club, but I am very aware of all the great work that Sharon does for the club and I think that speaks volumes about her contribution as it reaches outside the club and impacts on others. Sharon has managed the catering of the school formal which raised money for the Sports Club. She was a fantastic representative of the Parndana Sports Club and very helpful and giving of her time. I have seen Sharon umpire and coach on many occasions when attending my own children's sport and she is very supportive and professional. Sharon is a deserving winner."

  • Sharon says,

    "Fantastic club member coach umpire and mentor"

  • Jacki Fey says,

    "so very proud to see that there are such selfless people out there, Sharon obviously has a strong commitment to community in the truest sense, good luck Sharon"

  • Erika Mansell says,

    "Awesome effort Sharon ☺👍👏"

  • Kathy Tait says,

    "TRULY INSPIRED BY ALL OF SHARONS DEDICATION AND ACHIEVEMENTS 👍🏼👍🏼😃😃 SUCH A DEDICATED, GIVING , HELPUL woman who Is Passionate in everything she does including always going the extra mile giving her All to her Club and Community 😃👍🏼👍🏼 💕💕"

  • Ange says,

    "Sharon always puts everyone else's needs before her own. She is passionate about all children being able to have access to sport regardless of background or ability."

  • Anne Dyson says,

    "Sharon is an inspiration, it has been great to work closely with Sharon over the past 4 years"

  • Tegan says,

    "The most beautiful soul you'll ever meet, always the first to put her hand up to help! xx"

  • Sarah says,

    "Great club member, always busy helping out wherever possible"

  • Danielle says,

    "Sharon is always supportive and very hard working, always willing to lend a hand whenever she can. Just a beautiful person."

  • Bev Turner says,

    "A very devoted club and community member."

  • Kathy Harris says,

    "Always gives 100%"

  • Donald Kretschmer says,

    "Lovely person and great friend"

  • Carmel Batson says,

    "Good luck Sharon !! Parndarna aiming for Not just GOOD but a Great sports club draw on people like you who support the club often going above and beyond !! well deserved !!"

  • Kimberley Windsor says,

    "A hard working, deidicated woman that is passionate about her community and making sure everyone is involved. Congratulations Sharon!"

  • Yaeda says,

    "Sharon is the most dedicated, passionate, devoted member of our sports club. X"

  • Rhana Berlin says,

    "Sharon is the 'go to girl' of the sports club. If you want to know anything about the club or want something done you can be sure she will see it through. Sharon is approachable, supportive and kind. She's definitely a well deserving nominee!"

  • VIcki Sewer says,

    "This beautiful person has been passionate about everything in life, especially sport since she was a young girl. I cannot imagine a more worthy winner."

  • Carmen says,

    "Has been a hardworking and dedicated member of the Parndana Netball Club for many years through umpiring,playing,coaching, helping out around the club and any other tasks that needs doing. Well deserved nomination!!"

  • Sticks howard says,

    "Sharon and the whole gaskin family have done huge amounts for the parndana sports club as far back as I can recall! Local legends! Keep up the great work Sharon!"

  • Phillipa says,

    "Well done Sharon!!"

  • Nathan says,

    "Sharron is one of the greatest club people I know."

  • Alicia says,

    "Well done shaz"

  • Chelsea-Eliza Hicks says,

    "She's a legend and the best netball coach/mentor I've had!!!"

  • Deanne Bateman says,

    "Awesome effort Sharon!!"

  • Olivia Hicks says,

    "Sharon is an absolute legend, and a beautiful person. The Parndana Sport Club is so incredibly lucky to have had her tireless input over the many years. Go Shaz!"

  • Sharon May says,

    "Good luck Sharon G. If you win it will be well deserved"

  • Jane Hall... says,

    "Have known SHARRON for many years to be a Great Part of her Community always Leading by Example & unconditionally working to push her Community Forwards ..... A great Leader in all aspects to helping her Community & all the Children ..... Always known to be a team Player ....."

  • Sarah stanton says,

    "Well done Sharon and good luck!"

  • David Glen says,

    "Sharon's tireless efforts as canteen manager have ensured that Parndana's sporting clubs have been well funded to keep players on the park. Although her main passion is netball, Parndana's football, basketball, tennis, cricket and softball clubs all benefit from her efforts in raising needed funds through the canteen and catering. It is not an easy task to keep sporting clubs functioning in small regional communities, but while we have people like Sharon at Parndana our club will not only participate but flourish well into the future."

  • Vivienne Edwards says,

    "Since moving to kangaroo island and meeting Sharon and the other members of the Parndana Sports Club she has always made us feel welcome. Always teaching myself and my daughters new things about sports and always encouraging everyone to achieve anything. Always greets anyone and everyone with a big smile. All the best with this Shaz. No one deserves this as much as you."

  • Crystal Henderson says,

    "Sharon is the heart and soul of Parndana Sports Club. A truly deserving candidate."

  • Sean Gaskin says,

    "My wife, Sharon has been very dedicated and committed to all sports that she has been involved in since she became a member in 1985. Even if it meant taking the children as infants to meetings so that she met her responsibilities as a delegate or committee member she would not even consider the idea of non attendance. She has made many personal sacrifices to perform her duties, and considers the well being and participation of our members at our club above her own needs. I know this has been said before but she truly lives and breathes the Parndana Sports Club and considers all the members as an extension of her own family."

  • Cathie says,

    "She gives 110%"

  • Kylie Lennon says,

    "Bloody legend Shaz!!!"

  • Christine Edwards says,

    "Sharon your a phenomenal women x very passionate and devoted lady to the club and members x"

  • Sheridan says,

    "Salt of the earth .. And a heart as deep as the ocean... Xxx"

  • Bert says,

    "Lovely lady, definitely qualifies."

  • Tara Budarick says,

    "Totally deserved Sharon."

  • Ted Speed says,

    "I've never seen such commitment to so many aspects of a club. Well done Sharon."

  • shane leahy says,

    "Go Sharon"

  • Jayne says,

    "Good luck Sharon, well deserved!"

  • Pam Hacker says,

    "Sharon is as passionate about her netball as she is about her football. My son has played along side her son's, Ben and Jesse and she would have to be the most parochial supporter at the club. Her voice can be heard from the other side of the oval, and if you sit with her she gives the most entertaining running commentary I have ever heard. She's SPECIAL!!"

  • Sharon Gaskin says,

    "To my loving family, the club members of Parndana, Kangaroo Island community, and my many close friends. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have rallied and shared my post on facebook, and quickly reacted to posting your vote on the Good Sports Beating Heart home page has been amazing. My club has given me the opportunity to grow and develop as a person who is loyal, family orientated, respectful and hardworking. The close relationships that I have built over 32 years at Parndana is extremely rewarding and important to me and that you have accepted me for who I am. This is the impact the club has had on my life, and therefore I feel I am only giving back to Parndana what I have already received - support, compassion, drive and willingness to learn and to succeed above all obstacles. #beatingheart"

  • Grenville says,

    "Sharon is a very caring mother and person in the local community"

  • Kate Murray says,

    "Sharon is very passionate about all the sports she in involved in and goes above and beyond for the clubs and associations that she is involved in. She has had a fantastic influence on the players and umpires, developing their skills and being a being a positive role model. She deserves all the recognition she gets!"

  • Will says,

    "Good job Sharon!"

  • Becky says,

    "Sharon is an incredibly hardworking and dedicated member of the club! Always willing to lend a hand or advice when I was a member/player/coach. Gave 110% to everything she did!"

  • Ellen says,

    "Great work Sharon best of luck 💖"

  • Marilyn says,

    "Well done"

  • Tony Cppins says,

    "Bloody Legend.!"

  • Alison Uren says,

    "As a member of the Kangaroo Island Cancer Support Group I have seen the work that Sharon has done to benefit others. She has used her position of sporting volunteer as a platform to help raise funds and awareness over the years for many causes. The Cancer Council "The Longest Table", Camp Quality, organising Pink Day for Breast Cancer Research, KI Cancer Support and Beyond Blue. She was also very involved in a team of caring community people in fundraising for a friend who was receiving treatment and suffering from testicular cancer. Proud to be involved with people in the community like Sharon."

  • Barb Cooper says,

    "I am in awe of the contribution Sharon makes and has already made in our club. Fully deserving of this award."

  • Danielle Bowden says,

    "Always involved and contributing."

  • Michael says,

    "She's a legend!"

  • Cameron says,

    "Sharon gives up so much of her time supporting our club and members of our community."

  • Janine Mauheni says,

    "A devoted mother of 4 and a well respected community member of Kangaroo Island. A great inspiration and dedicated member of the Parndana Sports Club. You got my vote shaz 100%"

  • Takeda McMulkin says,

    "Sharon nominated the Parndana Netball Club and was the States inaugural winner of the Australia Post One Netball Nation award which was a true testament to Sharon's hard work & dedication to include all players regardless of gender, culture, religion or socio-economic status to all sports that we encourage at the Parndana Sports Club. We are a remote club with 393 members with a population of over 4000 on Kangaroo Island and Sharon is always mindful of the lack of participants in all sports and is constantly thinking of ways and means to increase the interest and participation across all codes."

  • David says,


  • Katrina says,

    "Sharon's dedication and commitment to the parndana community goes above and beyond, she is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to all 😄"

  • Tracey McMulkin says,

    "Good luck Sharon"

  • Susan says,

    "You are a legend Shazza!"

  • Renee says,

    "Very dedicated to her club. All of her children and husband are involved with the club and i cant remember a day where she wasn't at the sport."

  • Sarah says,

    "Sharon is a dedicated club person who goes above and beyond to do the best for her community. She would be a very deserving recipient of this award."

  • Jenny Heinrich says,

    "Sharon is amazing and is literally the heart of the Parndana sports club! She loves a laugh and brings light into the atmosphere of our family club. Thanks for all your hard work over the many years. Good luck Sharon, very much deserved!"

  • Meaghan says,

    "A keen sportswoman who has given many volunteer hours to the club she loves."

  • Shaheen says,

    "Dedicated not only to her club but sports and all those involved across the island- so important to this small community as sport is its social fabric. Good luck Sharon."

  • Jasmin Berlin says,

    "Sharon does a lot for our sports club and is an inspiration for all of us juniors. She is a talented player, inspirational coach and a very approachable person, we are lucky to have her."

  • Christine Sheridan says,

    "Sharon has always been a passionate, dedicated member of the Parndana sports club and KINA, her commitment, dedication and endless volunteer hours she has given over many years is inspirational"

  • Kim Berlin says,

    "Sharon is an amazing woman, with an incredible ability to give to others. She works tirelessly for for not only the Parndana sports club, but for the Kangaroo Island Netball Association, and beyond. She is always happy to share her wealth of knowledge to players, coaches and umpires. She works hard to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to be involved regardless of age, sex, religion or race. You are an inspiration. Congratulations on your nomination it is very well deserved."

  • Kyle Berlin says,

    "Thank you for all your effort towards the club and the community. Well Done!"

  • Jeremiah tuli says,

    "Good feedback from vivienne and whanau. Well deserved nomination. Good luck from new zealand."

  • Rangi johnson says,

    "Good luck with everything."

  • Pj Edwards. says,

    "Dont know you personally but aunty viv said your a lovely lady. Hope it all goes well xx"

  • Kathryn Dodgson says,

    "Good luck Sharon, a well deserved nomination!"

  • Tamara Lodge says,

    "Sharon's dedication to all sports on KI is outstanding not only at a club level but also at association level. Parndana & KI are lucky to have a person like Sharon involved in all aspects of a sporting club."

  • Andrew and Carolyn says,

    "Sharon had given great service to the Parndana Sports Club over the 21 years we have known her. During this time she has played a major role in the development of junior and senior netballers, with the aim to help each one to reach their full potential. She has played at the highest level, coached at the highest level, umpired at the highest level, and been president of both the netball club and the association. She has also spent many hours in the sports club kitchen, catering for training nights, game days and many community functions. She has championed minority groups and supports inclusivity, by action and not just in word. She makes everyone a welcome part of the club and brings cheer with her smile. It is difficult to think of the Parndana Sports Club and not think of Sharon Gaskin! We count her as a true friend and our family had benefitted personally from Sharon's willingness to serve the community."

  • . says,


  • Sharon says,

    "If theres a job/task to be done Sharon will get it done! Superwoman!"

  • Kate perkins says,

    "Thanks Sharon"

  • Robyn says,

    "Very committed"

  • Georgie says,

    "She always puts other people first and does so much. She is also an awesome coach!!"

  • Georgia Warren says,

    "Go girl"

  • Olivia says,

    "Amazing mum!"

  • Jamie Christophers says,

    "Good luck Sharon!"

  • Sean McGowan says,

    "I've known Sharon for ten years during which time I've photographed her on numerous occasions (I'm a photojournalist) as she played netball for her club, Parndana, as she umpired, as she sat on the sidelines with a score-card, as she coached the littlies, as she cranked out hotdogs and chips from the canteen and even once or twice as she tended the wounds of broken footballers. But when the winter stops, Sharon keeps going - it's not that the club is her life, Sharon's got a wonderful long-lasting marriage and three beautiful kids who, though grown up, still keep her on her toes - during the summer she's out there while her boys play cricket and she picks up the round bat to play softball with her clubmates and then basketball, TOO. But on top of all that, she's still cleaning and helping with the maintenance of the club rooms, courts, oval and grounds and presiding over the numerous fundraising events they have at the club both for their own issues or to aid those in the local community suffering misfortune. Sharon Gaskin is by far one of the most passionate and dedicated volunteers I've ever had the good fortune to meet and definitely is deserving of the recognition that a Beating Heart Award would bestow upon her."

  • kate says,

    "Good work"

  • Lilian says,

    "Thanks for the awesome work you do. The club wouldn't be the same without you!"

  • Josh Potezny says,

    "Fantastic work aunty Sharon 💐 very inspirational work your community is very lucky to have someone like yourself who is so committed to giving to her community 👍"

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