Shaun has been the President of the club for five years having been at the club for 7. Shaun has been tireless in this role, putting in countless hours to make sure everyone at the club has a chance to play sport on any given weekend. He has taken the club from a two men’s teams and one women’s who could barely scrape together a point during the season and finding themselves resoundingly defeated week in week out, to a club that has 6 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams who have gone on to win a number of premierships and league championships.
His work however goes above and beyond that of a mere club administrator. He could regularly be found almost every Saturday or Sunday walking around with the wheelbarrow, filling in all the holes in the pitch left behind by the numerous rabbits and kangaroos. He would be there hours before a game painting the lines to make sure that no matches were abandoned by the referees and all our players got the chance to play. A lack of volunteers led to Shaun running barbecues on many a game day and he would spend significant amounts of time travelling between venues to make sure every team had a kit, coach and were not short staffed in terms of players.
Shaun has the blood of the club pumping from his heart. Without Shaun the club would not be where it is today, it is likely that the club would have folded ruining any chance for local members of the community and students leaving home for the first time, to play soccer in their local area. There are not words to describe how highly the players, coaches and volunteers regard Shaun and he deserves to be a recipient of this award.




  • Pat says,

    "Shaun is fantastic. I always see him around the club doing the things that no one else is wants to do. When there is a lack of volunteers around, he takes it on himself and does the work of 10- 15 volunteers. Thanks for all your hard work mate."

  • Greg says,

    "Completely support this!!! Shaun has been the lifeblood of our club over the past five years, taking the Ducks from near financial ruin to the thriving and successful club it is today. Vote 1 Moloney!"

  • Aleksey Falin says,

    "I'm an international student at Deakin and have been a member of the club for two year. Shaun supports players and helps with adaptation of any new members of the club, creating good environment for trainings and games.The best indicator of his hard work is the success of this club!"

  • Sean mulroy says,

    "Shaun, has been at Deakin ,during my time at the soccer club, and been a valuable asset on and off the pitch"

  • Duane says,

    "This was my first season with the ducks and Shaun provided me with all the information I needed to find my place in this fantastic club that I'm sure would not be as good as it is today without him."

  • Thomas says,

    "Absolute champion of a person and selflessly devotes his time to ensuring the club is run smoothly and professionally."

  • Todd says,

    "In the 5 years I have been at the Deakin Ducks Shaun has guided the club to unimaginable success, not only in terms of silverware, but also participation. Player numbers have consistently grown year after year under his tenure. His commitment is evident, making himself available behind the scenes and being ever-present at training, matches and club events."

  • Sam Baker says,

    "Absolutely vital to the club's existence and growth over the years. The club would not be where it is today without his tireless efforts."

  • Michael says,

    "Absolute legend, always willing to put the club as a main priority."

  • Cal says,

    "Amazing guy, does it all."

  • Carl says,

    "Shaun's a legend"

  • Ryan says,

    "Absolute champion and a vital part of the club over the past few years, without his help I don't think the club would be in the great position it is today!"

  • Kyle Schorback says,

    "He was a great personality to have around the club, always going above and beyond to ensure that everyone was involved and enjoying themselves."

  • Tim says,

    "From president to premiership coach to socialite Moloney has done everything to make the club successful on and off the firld"

  • Tom Back says,

    "This guy is a legend."

  • Josh says,

    "Shaun goes about his business with no fuss but the work he does keeps our club running smoothly. He's a humble leader who selflessly puts in a huge effort for our club."

  • Dion says,

    "I've only been at the club for a short time but Shaun's hard work and dedication are obvious, everyone at the club has only the best things to say about him and his efforts are visible everywhere. He's a top bloke and deserves the award."

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