Sin Amen Whip




Sin Amen Whip (Cindy Frost) is one of the founding members of Northside Rollers Roller Derby League in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Since she has retired from years of competitive skating, Sin coaches our A team, The Death Stars as well as Fresh Meat, our newest recruits to the league. Sin has rewritten the training programme seeing high success rates in levelling up for development skaters. She’s a member of the Leadership Team for the Deathstars, helping improve our skills and strategy to take to tournaments.

Sin is not only an incredible coach and mentor, she’s also a great friend to all in the league and has been dubbed ‘mother hen’ by many following her continuous emotional support of all of us – even those at other leagues. Any time someone is feeling down or upset, or even happy, Sin is the first there who reaches her arms out to embrace. Sin who continues to throws tireless amount of time and energy into the league week after week, a core beating heart of our wonderful league and all round dead set legend.

“In training she pushed me a lot harder than I was willing to push myself and helped me to succeed where I hadn’t before. I don’t think I’d be where I am now had it not been for Sin.“




  • Akka says,

    "Sin is a Northside legend!! She has been a mentor, a team mate, my rock, my voice of reason and the best bench coach I have ever had. I do not think I would have had an amazing experience at Northside if it wasn't for this amazing woman!"

  • daywalker says,

    "A lot of respect and admiration for Sin , one of the best!"

  • Disaster Chief says,

    "Sin brings out the best in everyone on and off track. We're blessed to have such an amazing woman at the heart of our league."

  • Alabama says,

    "Sin is one of the best humans I know. She is generous and kind and gives so much to others, yet wants nothing in return. She is an inspiration to me and so many others. ❤️"

  • Slander says,

    "Sin is a more than a coach. She is a counsellor, mentor, mother to our teams and does so much for the league. He is an inspiration to many... Vote for her Coz she is rad."

  • Nadine says,

    "Has an amazing knack of making you feel like you belong on wheels."

  • Ian says,

    "She’s awesome, such a tireless contributor and totally selfless."

  • Lauren says,

    "Keeping the spirit of Derby alive and inspiring the up and comers. Legend."

  • Sayo says,

    "An amazing woman xx"

  • Grenade says,

    "Sin is one of favourite humans ever. She's endlessly patient, supportive and just an all round amazing person."

  • Corker says,

    "Sin has been many things to me including a great coach, bench manager, team mate, committee member and friend. To the league she is so much more than she is to any one person and is an absolute gem."

  • This American Strife says,

    "Sin was my first derby mum and one of the best mentors I've ever had – in any context, sporting or otherwise. Her devotion to the game and love of developing new athletes is second to none. I consider myself fortunate to have been trained and coached by her, and especially to have shared the track with her as a teammate."

  • Miss says,

    "Sin is the kindest, patient, most encouraging bench coach with the loudest cheer and the biggest heart!!"

  • Dana says,

    "Sin has a heart of gold. Supportive and compassionate. Good luck! The Beating Heart Award couldnt go to a better person!"

  • Miss E says,

    "I can't think of enough words to describe how deserving Sin is of this award. There is no doubt I (and I know many others) would not be where we are today with this amazing human. Sin is my mentor, coach, friend, confidante and inspiration, not only in roller derby, but in normal life too. What she does for our skaters, our league and roller derby in general is phenomenal. Thank you Sin. X"

  • Fiz says,

    "An inspiration xx"

  • Ginger says,

    "Heart and soul ... Northside wouldn't be the same if not for Sin!!"

  • Sunny says,

    "She doesn't like soppy posts so keeping this short- A great woman with a big heart X"

  • Pixie says,

    "Sin is incredibly supportive and encouraging. She is working tirelessly for our leauge, and has also helped me on a personal level. I can't think of a better asset to any community -Our derby one is lucky!"

  • Colette solf says,

    "This lady pretty much taught me everything I know about roller derby & continues to spread her knowledge of the game near & far.. Out of the sport she is just a beautiful person & has a heart of gold.."

  • Caz says,

    "Could not possibly be a more deserving winner."

  • Twisterella says,

    "Her love of derby shines true as the North Star in the logo of this league. Sin has been a founding member of this league and one of the biggest supporters of roller derby in general. A true inspiration to female athletes!"

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