Slav has been a passionate member of our club for over 20 years. During that time he has served as a player, junior coach, committee member, sponsor, and most recently has run our canteen on match days. For the last 3 seasons his role as our canteen manager has been immense. He has quadrupled our canteen profits during that time, which is a lifesaver for a club that sits in a low socio-economic area, where every dollar counts. He is at the canteen every Saturday and most Sundays from October to April, giving up his entire weekend for the club. In recognition of this, we’ve awarded him the Clubman of the Year 2 times running. We were forced to change the rules to allow us to award him a second time in a row, such was his contribution.

Slav is the go to point for every cricketer in the club, always there for anything they need. On game day he is our chef (his toasties are famous throughout Newcastle), physio, and on the tough days, our psychiatrist. He truly is the heart and soul of the club, and without him we may cease to exist.




  • Blake Morley says,

    "Couldn't think of a more deserving guy than Slav. Always put the clubs needs before his own, does anything he can for the club and is extremely passionate about the club. WMDCC would struggl to function without him."

  • John Hay says,

    "Slavko has been immense part of Waratah for many years, so happy to see him nominated for an award he truly deserves."

  • Jack says,

    "The best person at the club. The heart and sole of waratah"

  • Vasilios says,

    "The Serbian rock that keeps the canteen stocked and makes valuable cash for the club"

  • Tyson wilcox says,

    "Slav has always been there for me and helped me become a better person ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ"

  • Blake Chandler says,

    "Slavko's a great guy, very helpful and makes the best toasties"

  • Julie Warry says,

    "I have never met a more passionate or emotional man who truly wants the best for his club and its members."

  • Trevor says,


  • Jim Pappas says,

    "Great bloke, with a big heart. He will do anything for you"

  • Matthew says,

    "Good bloke ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ"

  • Adam Lowe says,

    "Slavko has been true friend and a great contributor to Waratah Mayfield DCC. He has help me personally during a crisis and has always been encouraging and supportive"

  • keith says,

    "It would be difficult to find a more hard-working committed club member than Slav. Always positive, regardless of results and makes the best toasties in town!"

  • Steve Bayliss says,

    "Joining a new club can be daunting, one thing with our club is Slav is the first to make you feel right at home. Top bloke!"

  • Dos says,


  • Barry Davis says,

    "Biggest heart going around."

  • Jono Burke says,

    "The most passionate and genuine bloke you'll come accross. WMDCC would be nothing without Slav!"

  • Gary says,

    "Great club member"

  • Linda says,

    "I am constantly amazed at the level of giving from Slavko and admire his constant cheerfulness. He is an inspiration to us all"

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