Stacey Holmwood joined our club 4 years ago. On her second year at our club she jumped straight into the Secretary role on the Executive Committee and is still in her position.

She has taken Cougars from the old school paper work to all electronic. Our website now shows us everything we need to know and see because she updates it quiet regularly.

She had also been highly involved with the redesign of our uniforms and logos.

Stacey always finds a way to fit our Softball Club into her busy life.

Not only does Stacey help out with everything at Cougars but she also runs her own business and had a gorgeous 2 year old daughter.




  • Adam says,

    "She is the hardest working person i know who always has time to lend an ear no matter how busy she is. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make our club a great place for everyone."

  • DT says,

    "Always has time for everyone. Works so hard spending endless hours in front of the computer doing things no one else can or wants to do. One of my good friends."

  • Brooke says,

    "Stacey has only been in the club a short amount of time and has made a big impact in all aspects of the club. She's not only a great player but great friend to everyone involved at Cougars."

  • John Gresley says,

    "As a life member of the cockburn Cougars softball club I have watch Stacey bring our Club to new highs. i have been with the cougars for 24 years and are very greatful that Stacey has giving some much to our club."

  • Caroline Devlin says,

    "Stacey is the type of person that every club needs. She not only is a great sportsperson she is a great team player putting her all into everything she does whether it's playing or putting her hand up to help out the club or other players."

  • Tania says,

    "Stacey is amazing club and family person who does so much for our club stacey is also an amazing team player"

  • Ash says,

    "It's all true, Stacey keeps our club up-to-date and keeps things running smoothly - always with a smile!"

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