Tamika coaches 4 junior netball teams which is huge for the future of our netball making sure there is players coming through. Tamika also coaches our all abilities netball team. Plays in C grade netball. She’s a committee member who will undertake any job that is needed to be done and has been at the club for 10 years. She is only 25 years old but a great role model for our young kids and shows great leadership skills. Someone who is highly respected and loved by all.




  • Brendan croft says,

    "Tamika has been an amazing coach for the BPH kids"

  • Robbie Kvaternik says,

    "Selfless and always putting others before herself without fail"

  • Bianca O'Brien says,

    "From what I have seen not being at the club she is always working hard for, Tamika has took time out of her daily life to coach an All Abilities team on a Friday night which consisted of the whole team having fun and earning themselves a premiership. They all love her as a coach which shows that she loves helping and teaching people that don't have the opportunity to play satirday netball"

  • Mel Cvetkoski says,

    ""Tamika has more than a beating heart for the BPH Kids and Club""

  • Jady Brkic says,

    "She is a good egg"

  • Christie says,

    "A more dedicated team/coach/club member you will not find. Her dedication to our club is second to none. An absolute star in her own right and a fantastic mentor for the yoinger members."

  • Lesley Dosen says,

    "Tamika is the ultimate club person. Over the years she has coached multiple junior teams, our All Abilities team and has attended pre season clinics at local primary schools. Her popularity at these clinics in the last couple of years has seen the number of junior netball teams surge and these kids are the future of our club. She never has to be asked to help out she just jumps in and gets the job done from coaching to selling raffle tickets of a Friday night at the local hotel and numerous jobs in between. She is also on the committee. As a young person at our club she has shown initiative and leadership which will hopefully encourage others to step up and help out. Tamika is also a gun netballer taking out the leagues best & fairest for the last two years in C Grade. Bell Post Hill Football & Netball Club are very lucky to have someone like Tamika at our club."

  • Carlie Baird says,

    "Your awesome Tamika!"

  • Emily Krahe says,

    "Tamika is a dedicated person to our club, that would do anything for anyone! Always puts others before herself! She is a valuable asset to our club!"

  • Sharee says,

    "Tamika puts a lot of time an effort into training/coaching and helping with the future of bell post hill football and netball club, she is the most deserving of this award... I know my girls have come a long way being trained and mentored by Tamika"

  • Ebony says,

    "Tamika you are a true inspiration and I admire how you give into your community. The tireless hours you donate it very admirable"

  • Michelle Harris says,

    "Tamika is probably the heart and soul of our club, she is awesome with the kids and her all abilities team won the grand final a few weeks ago. She goes above and beyond for everyone with nothing expected in return"

  • Jenna Jenkins says,

    "She is a super star!"

  • Rosa says,

    "A true inspiration for the kids to look up too!"

  • russell wood says,

    "We are very proud that tamika has been nominated for this award we no the time and effort that she puts in . She whole heartedly loves what she does and the reward she gets is the smiling faces of all hers juniors"

  • Aimee says,

    "Tamilka is caring loving beautiful and She a good netball couch and we all love her"

  • Helen whitehill says,

    "Tamika is a great club person , she always willing to help with any thing , she good with the kids she coaches , she is a great team player ."

  • Gregg says,

    "Great job Tamika, congratulations on the nomination, well deserved !! 😊😊"

  • Raelene Hyde says,

    "Awesome, go Tamika !!"

  • Mark says,

    "Committed, enthusiastic, selfless, hard working. All traits Tamika possesses, clubs and community organisations need more people like Tamika. Go you"

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