Soon to be 90 years of age Ted still attends the club a number of times each week tending to the duties around the place that are generally left by others ie cleaning out the change rooms and general maintenance. Ted has devoted his life to rugby and is a Life Member of 2 clubs in Adelaide, with Brighton being the major recipient of his endeavours being a coach from primary schools through to seniors and being on a variety of committees of a long period of time.. Also throw in Life Membership of the Seacliff Youth Centre and an Order of Australia to exemplify Ted’s contribution to the community in general. Ted has represented Australia being selected to play against Ceylon in 1953 as well as being a regular State representative. In 1948 Ted also played Aussie rules for Pt Adelaide Football Club. The accolades could go on but to sum Ted up the following words do some justice as a man of expertise, experience, commitment, sacrifice and dedication. To Brighton Ted is a statesman, not just for rugby but the community.




  • Jim Page says,

    "Ted is a legend of SA rugby."

  • Stephanie says,

    "Ted is the definition of a good sport, a true leader and an all round good bloke. A wonderful man who truly loves his club, the sport and the Brighton RUFC community."

  • Steve Keenan says,

    "He took the time to welcome us to the club when we first arrived and made sure my son knew that his efforts on the field did not go unnoticed. He is always at the club helping out behind the scenes and is widely liked and respected."

  • Jo Redmond says,

    "Ted is a true gentleman, he loves a chat and is always at the club when ever I am down there. His passion is rugby, and is always coming up with new ideas to better our club and improve on our players and increase our members. If anyone deserves a beating heart nomination it is our "Ted""

  • Glen Millar O says,

    "Ted has a very strong sense of social justice is very committed to principles of fair play and willing to help others"

  • Ferdi says,

    "He is always there to support all players from the u7 up to the A grade and never miss a game. He even support the the players when they play at other clubs. He also frequently attend training evenings and have a chat and share some knowledge. A true gentleman of the great game Rugby."

  • Richard wasley says,

    "Legend and a honour to know him."

  • Stef Redmond says,

    "Ted gives an amazing amount of support to grass roots rugby, he will always provide a bit of knowledge to junior members, a bit of advice for coaches and always gives his time about the club. On any day you can go past and see Ted cleaning or fixing something and never expects a thing in return. An amazing man to have at the club"

  • Adam priestly says,

    "Ted always has something positive to say to anybody who talks to him"

  • Andrew Cropley says,

    "When I arrived at Brighton more than 30 years ago, Ted was already a legend, a player my own father remembered from his youth. Now Ted is still helping the club and offering advice to young players like my own son. Brighton is very lucky to have Ted."

  • Keagan says,

    "Good club man and has a great love for the sport of rugby and is strong hearted"

  • Ryan France says,

    "Ted is the most selfless person you will meet. He takes time out of his own day just to benefit the people around him."

  • Maxi says,

    "Ted defines the family spirit of Brighton RUFC. He loves his rugby, he loves his Brighton and he loves his family. An amazing man with a true heart of gold. Ted's efforts around the club are highly visable and ensure that our younger generation come to know and understand the importance of team work and team spirit."

  • Nick says,

    "Ted is a wonderful man, who demonstrates his love for the club on a daily basis. Well deserved of a life membership!"

  • Cameron says,

    "Ted has been a long standing stalwart of the brufc and I can remember his as an under 8 standing on the sidelines coaching us all on."

  • stephen says,

    "This is well deserved a true gentleman of the sport and the world"

  • Sam says,

    "Absolutely gorgeous man with a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with all ages from under 7's to those older than himself. He even had printed a small book on rugby to help those learning to play the game.Ted loves his club and keeps it looking great for all it's members. It is a nomination well deserved"

  • Dan says,

    "Ted always there for a chat and a kind word even when he's doing it tough. It's a common saying amongst the senior players when someone is messing up the change room or cleaning their boots inside 'Oi don't do that cause Ted will have to clean it up.' Thanks for being part of what makes Brighton great."

  • Biva says,

    "He is a great sportsman because he is always there to guide and motivate the young sports men and women in the club"

  • James Edward says,

    "Ted is an icon in our club. Respected by members young and old. Not only have his rugby abilities graced our club, but his sons and his grandsons also. Ted always has time to say hello or comment on the game. He is one of the loveliest blokes you arw ever likely to meet."

  • Anthony Baldwin says,

    "Teds the coach who was never my real coach but I always listen to what he had to say and I'm for ever grateful that I had him giving advice week to week from the sideline cheers to you Ted Banger"

  • Travis says,

    "Ted loves the club and everyone involved. He does all lot of the behind the seen stuff that a lot of people would know about."

  • Mitch says,

    "Lihes and breathes Brighton. Knows everyone at the club and as a new player he will go out of his way to welcome you. Displays tremendous pride, honour and respect."

  • Margaret Naylor says,

    "Ted is an inspiration, always around and had a welcoming ear or a few words to welcome the stranger. He has served the club selfless essay for years. A true inspiration to the clubs members"

  • Winston says,

    "A legend with passion for the game, club and continuity of grassroots sport"

  • Bob Forbes says,

    "I have known Ted Fidock since the early 60's. I have always had a great respect for Ted, not only as a person but also for his in-depth knowledge of rugby. During my player/coaching years at Glenelg/Brighton I was able to develop a strong relationship with Ted and our many conversations relating to rugby were always informative and enjoyable. When I was State Coach, Ted was a State selector, a position he carried out with great credit to himself due to his ability to assess the capabilities and potential of all the senior players being considered for the State team. The old term "gentleman" is not often used these days, but Ted Fidock is one of the finest gentleman you are ever likely to meet or be associated with. Congratulations Ted on your wonderful contribution to South Australian rugby and in particular to the Brighton Rugby Club. Well done Lumpy, your initiative in putting Ted up for Life Membership is "spot on"."

  • Clayton says,

    "Ted is the everything a family club stands for. Love him"

  • Gareth says,

    "Ted is a legend of Brighton rugby club, South Australian rugby and an all round good guy, he represents everything that is good about my sport"

  • Kenny O'Neill says,

    "Ted has taken great pride in developing generations at Brighton Rugby Union Club. He has taught hundreds of players the value of Teamwork, Leadership, integrity and helped them develop into exceptional members of society."

  • Ken Brown says,

    "Ted has put his heart and soul into the Brighton Rugby Union Football Club over many years of unstinting loyalty to the club. His personal qualities are the perfect example for all members of our club to follow. I feel privileged and honoured to know Ted."

  • Paddy says,

    "Ted is a warm, kind hearted gentleman whos unwavering commitment to BRUFC acts as an inspiration to all. He has time for everyone and isn't afraid to get stuck in, often mucking out the changing rooms on a Saturday afternoon and working at the club during the week."

  • Tom says,

    "Hope I can still be as involved as Ted at 89. What a champion!"

  • Karen says,

    "Ted is always at the club with a friendly smile ready to help out, have a chat and to pass on any advice"

  • Gemma says,

    "Such an amazing role model for everyone at the club. Ted is so friendly and helpful all the time and the juniors think he's awesome!"

  • Patrick says,

    "Always a friendly word especially to new faces"

  • Michelle Masefield says,

    "I have known Ted for virtually my entire life. A State & Australian rep in rugby union, Ted was my late father's first coach, so is probably one of the main reasons why my family is so very passionate about rugby. Ted was also my husbands coach & he also made a wonderful speech from his heart at our wedding! Ted is extremely committed & passionate about our club; he is the reason why our change rooms are always clean & tidy. He collects lost property & tries to get it back to its owner as soon as he can. If something needs repairing he tries to get it repaired asap! Always impeccably dressed in suit & tie, proudly wearing his life member badge, Ted is the epitome of the true old fashioned gentleman. A few years ago Ted felt that our juniors didn't understand the positions in rugby. He took it upon himself to write a pocket book explaining the different positions on the field & their roles in game play. He had this booklet illustrated & printed - at his own expense - then gave a copy out to each & every junior player at our club from the Under 8's all the way up to the Under 18's! My son is now in his third year of senior rugby & he still has a copy of that booklet (albeit tattered, torn & muddy) in his kit! All in all I feel that it is an honour & a privilege to have "Mr Rugby" Ted Fidock as my friend!"

  • Joey Bradford says,

    "Legend always have a good chat. He takes an interest in under 7s through to 1st grade."

  • Greg says,

    "The support that Ted gives Brighton rugby club is beyond belief. He is a true club man and will do anything to support Rugby at Brighton and in South Australia. An inspiration for everyone."

  • Jenny Satala says,

    "Ted is a great member of the club always there to lend a hand great assett to the club"

  • Michael Hughes says,

    "A true champion."

  • Cate Shelton says,

    "My Father played against Ted in the 1950's. The comradeship between the men who played South Australian Rugby in those days was very strong. My father, who had newly settled in Adeliade, always appreciated the friendship that Ted and the boys from Brighton offered."

  • Nathan says,

    "Absolutle legend of Brighton Rugby Club."

  • Marlow says,

    "Ted is a true gentleman, a fine example of what a good rugby player should aspire to."

  • Jacob says,

    "One word " legand """

  • Jayne says,

    "Ted is a Legend of our club ,his tireless work he does for our club and all our junior and senior teams is outstanding it is hard to believe he is 89 years of age"

  • Adam says,

    "Great Clubman at Brighton, true Champion and Gentleman!"

  • Aaron says,

    "Ted Fidock = absolute legend of SA rugby and Brighton rugby"

  • Dean says,

    "Everyone at the club and anyone who visits the club knows Ted as he's always there with a smile on his face and supporting the club and sport that he loves and has helped make so great. Friendly, welcoming and forever the gentlemen Ted's there week in week out to lend a helping hand and tell a tale or 2 about the Brighton of yesteryear. Honoured to know him and call him a mate"

  • George says,

    "What a tribute this would be to Ted . He's always at the club helping out or having a chat. A great bloke"

  • Richard says,

    "Ted has a heart of gold and always makes everyone feel welcome he is an SA rugby legend."

  • Mark says,

    "Vote TED!"

  • Stuart mcpherson says,

    "What a gentleman a true club stalward ted still at his age working around the club cleaning the dressing room and his advise to the juniour players at the club is well respected well done Ted you deserve it"

  • Max bleach says,

    "Ted is a great man and goes above and beyond for his club and the sport. It's a honour knowing him"

  • Mick says,

    "I do not know Ted but he must be a wonderful volunteer for the Brighton Rugby Union Football Club judging on what many others have said. All sporting clubs need volunteers - without them many would cease to exist. Well done Ted!"

  • Darrin Briggs says,

    "My first rugby coach.I wouldn't have played rugby which has been a huge part of my life and identity allowing me to travel all around the world if it wasnt for Ted encouraging me out to play as a small boy. Thanks Ted."

  • Myrtle Gourley says,

    "Ted does exemplify the club spirit at Brighton Rugby Union Football Club and has always been there to help out where others may not. For a man of his many years he has loved every minute of the interaction he has had with the generations of families/kids that have come through the club. He is very deserving of any award/accolade that comes his way!"

  • Ian Maloney says,

    "All round great guy. Always has plenty of time for everyone and not a bad word to about anyone."

  • Kerry Murray says,

    "Fred is clearly a dedicated club man."

  • Clint says,

    "Ted has always a warm welcoming smile, with a clear passion for Rugby and an unwavering commitment to the Club. A role model to the players and the Brighton community at large."

  • Bob & Judy AULD says,

    "Always pleasant and cheerful. Ted just lives Rugby."

  • Neil Charter says,

    "Behind most successful sporting clubs there are individuals that give their all for the benefit of others. Ted is one such person who has influenced not only my life as a youngster and later a more senior member and indeed employee of Rugby Union. His sportsmanship and ethic, friendship and interest in everyone's welfare, personal and sporting development regardless of ability is testament to the kind and decent man he is. Ted sets a benchmark in humble, caring and sharing qualities that anyone could learn to be a better person from. Whether quietly sweeping out a change room whilst everyone else is upstairs in the bar revering in their win or whether at the ground two hours before a game marking lines and putting corner flags out he never asks for anything. His love and passion for Rugby Union and watching youngsters become men on the rugby field is something I will hold as an example as long as I live. Good on you Ted you have done so much for so many and we thank you."

  • Lachy Greethead says,

    "A true old school gentleman. He contributes so much to our rugby club and the general rugby community as a whole. Someone we should all look up to, a true hero. Congratulations Ted."

  • Wayne says,

    "An amazing person, who embodies all that is a community sporting club. His passion, pride and selflessness towards the club makes him a role model for people of all ages."

  • Bruce Q says,

    "The ultimate gentleman, club and rugby man."

  • Harry Bryce says,

    "Ted is the classic example of what an aspiring rugby person should be like. Not only is he a passionate supporter of his club but he is a committed and industrious worker for the sport. Not only has he represented Australia but he has left no stone unturned in his undying efforts to foster the game at grass roots level. Hence, his life membership recognition at other clubs. Ted is a man for whom I have had the utmost respect for over 40years. He never ceases to amaze me and at 89years young he is truely inspirational. Good on ya Ted,!"

  • Stephen says,

    "Ted depicts the heart and sole of a sporting club.. No club could survive without their "Ted's". All clubs need the selfless volunteers to do all the work that others don't want to do and complete the jobs that need to be done. Always around, always helping out and one of the reasons the club has been so successfull over a number of years. A true role model and deserving of all the accolades."

  • Lyn says,

    "Throughout the years, with his dedication to the sport, Ted has been instrumental in inspiring athletes of all ages to achieve their very best."

  • Sandra Geach says,

    "My boys started at the club and Ted said hello greeted me every time. He's always there. Setting up, chatting with the coaches, the boys, offering advice and cheering the teams. Friendly, knowledgable, supportive and always helping out. An amazing man. I heard he played for The Wallabies many years ago but he doesn't have any air of superiority at all. Just represents the best values of Rugby."

  • Helen Cooper says,

    "Pleasure to know someone as passionate as Ted for Brighton rugby Club"

  • Barry Cooper says,

    "I have known and worked and coached with and against Ted for 50years and he is always offering advise."

  • S Dougherty says,

    "The Soul of brighton. Always there rain or shine."

  • Deane Renfrey says,

    "Salt of the earth."

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