The Frazz




John Frazetto is the President of Karate Victoria. He is also a coach on our state kata team. John has been involved with karate since the 1970’s. His 1st sporting love was football (he’s a crazy Geelong fan) but there was something about karate that drew him in. He has been involved in all facets of karate. He was a successful athlete – competing well into his 50’s & is now a state coach & administrator. His passion, determination, zest for life, positive attitude for our sport & more importantly the people involved (athletes, coaches, clubs, referees, parents, volunteers) filters through & is a big reason as to why Karate Victoria have been premiers year in & year out. Karate Victoria is the biggest karate club under the Australian Karate Federation banner & has 300+ athletes aged from 8 through to +45 representing it from many clubs around Victoria. John helps athletes from beginner through to elite accomplish their best, he has helped countless refugee athletes by personally funding them, he is constantly trying to promote aspects of our sport & our athletes. This year, with strong support from the rest of his administrative committee, Karate Victoria hosted the 45th Nationals where over 650 competitors came out fighting for a national title. It was a great event that attracted the most spectators our sport has ever seen at aNational Championships. It has been a big year for karate Victoria. John has had a major impact on making KV financially stable, attract more members than ever before & in supporting & promoting our athletes. John is looking forward to ‘sticking’ around a few more years (we hope!) to help our athletes, coaches, referees, clubs & administrators reach new heights in our sport & see more champions standing on the dias on the international stage. John is also excited that karate has finally been included into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games & will be helping our athletes, coaches & referees to get there, as much as he can!




  • Maria says,

    "Inspiring individual & a great mentor! Stay cool & keep smiling 😇"

  • Narelle says,

    "Dedicated and committed to karate Victoria"

  • Chris says,


  • Kim says,

    "No better motivator. You can't help but get behind Team Victoria when the Frazz is around."

  • Kate Warchomij says,

    "Johnny Frazz has been a part of my life since I was a little kid first starting out at karate. He's still a dear friend since our family moved back to Perth and twenty plus years later. He was a huge part of my karate life in Victoria and is a great contributor of the sport. Love ya Frazz xoxo"

  • Jo-Ann Hennessy says,

    "Such a great supportive person to have at KV. We are lucky"

  • frank says,

    "john is the beating heart of Karate Victoria his passion desire and determination drives are organization that's why Victoria is the strongest State in our National Competition"

  • Maria Brown says,

    "Frazz is a very positive roll model. I find him inspiring and very motivational."

  • fab rocca says,

    "John the frazz, just a top bloke."

  • Aashiqah says,

    "John is an amazing ambassador for our sport. A true gentleman who inspires everyone. We are so fortunate to have John as the beating heart of our organisation."

  • Aashiqah says,

    "John is an amazing ambassador for our sport. A true gentleman who inspires everyone. We are so fortunate to have John as the beating heart of our organisation."

  • Alexander Diaz Dehaney says,

    "He is one of the most amazing and greatest person that have had the Honour to meet and be part of his friendship team. I honestly could compare him with God. His the Best.."

  • Kara says,

    "Such an inspiring person to anyone and everyone involved in karate. Johns has an amazing personality, and along with his commitment to help everyone achieve their goals he is a perfect nomination for this award!"

  • John Dimovski says,

    "Champion Person"

  • Luke says,

    "If there ever was a person who embodied the principles of karate Victoria, it would be this man. He's constant dedication to karate, determination for the future of karate and his desire to always thrive for a better year is what makes him the Centre for what karate Victoria represents. The big Frazz will forever embody Victoria."

  • Josephine says,

    "The best."

  • Erica says,

    "Who are we 'Team Victoria'"

  • Teo says,

    "KV is the best!!"

  • Dove says,

    "Love the Frazz! Great bloke!👊"

  • Mandy says,

    "No one is ever left in any doubt in regards to John's passion for karate and the Victorian Karate Team. Always gets everyone stirred up with his resounding "Who Are We?" and his enthusiasm is contagious."

  • Linda Ryder says,

    "There is no one more excitable about Karate Victoria than John, he's a champion and oozes the spirit of Karate Victoria"

  • Alex Alt says,

    "John has been dedicated towards youth and adults in giving them both encouragement and destination for a few decades now, this has resulted in excellent and confident youth and adults who benefited from Johns guidance in becoming mentors, leaders and positive examples in the community"

  • Steph Harris says,

    "Top guy, wears his heart on his sleeve and has so much love for karate and all involved 👊"

  • Robyn says,

    "Always a welcome smile. :)))"

  • Melisa Milbourne says,

    "Friendly, generous and a big heart has him loved by many. Not only is he a contribution to Karate but to all he meets. He will give you the jacket off his own back if you need it more. Lucky to have such an inspiring Dad."

  • Lachlan says,

    "John was a huge inspiration to all of us at the Victorian Karate Team. His attitude and influence really pushed me to do my best. Keep up the good work John!!"

  • Doğan Bahtiyar says,

    "Great bloke, good luck John."

  • Amanda says,


  • Harshan says,

    "The inspirational force behind Karate Victoria"

  • Liliana says,

    "Your an inspiration to all! You got this! Good luck to my favorite Uncle!"

  • Penny Coppens says,

    "Done great things for the karate world especially for my dear friend Maria Alexiadis"

  • Loretta says,

    "Awesome work uncle Frazz. Such a great role model for KV!"

  • Rose cerato says,

    "Vote for The frazz"

  • Sue says,

    "Frazz, the most supportive and inspiring person I know. To weave your magic each week at State Training, the kids just love it. And your passion for the sport...who else could yell our catch phrase "who are we?" And have every one reply back "Team Victoria" just as loud."

  • Tash says,

    "Always does all he can for any who deserves it"

  • Nikki says,

    "Privilege to know Johnny, very passionate about his work"

  • Linda says,

    "Who are we? Team Victoria"

  • Nicki Baird says,

    "John has developed a fantastic training programme and develops and inspires the club members."

  • Geordie milbourne says,

    "Im abit bias cause john is my father in law but i must say he is always keen to help others, is very generous and always has a positive attitude towards life. He makes friends wherever he goes and wears his heart on his sleeve. Im very lucky to have a father in law like him. He deserves all the recognition for his efforts."

  • Edji Zenel says,

    "A great man who had dedicated so much to the competitors & supporters of Karate Victoria. Thanks Frazz."

  • Olivia Kro says,

    "Thanks for being a great mentor not only to my sister but to everyone who trains in karate. Without your presence and awesome catch cry, karate victoria wouldn't be the powerhouse it is."

  • Susan Millar says,

    "Fabulous positive energy and friendly personality."

  • Serge Mocevic says,

    "He is a big inspiration to all the Victorian Karate Team. His personality and charisma makes everyone more motivated and desired to achieve their goals. Cheers"

  • Tracey says,

    "Karate Victoria, the best"

  • Rolf Glenk says,

    "Always ALWAYS smiling, has a warm handshake for everyone he meets, has passion, dedication and endless enthusiasm for Karate an is an inspiring role model for all. Just a genuine top bloke with a BIG BIG heart."

  • Lena Bongetti says,

    "As a parent of a Karate athlete the first time I met John over 7years ago at our first Nationals he was a stand out person.He made you feel apart of Karate Victoria, a sense of family and strong team spirit. He was and still is a glowing light that lifts parents and athletes spirits with his smile and words of encouragement He ism immensely positive.. We need more people like John."

  • Sue says,

    "Kids love him as he is a great mentor."

  • Teresa says,

    "Great personality, able to mix with young and older competitors with ease, fantastic job in pushing karate ahead into the future."

  • Roberto Costanzo says,

    "Fantastic person! Always willing to help."

  • Snezana Milosavic says,

    "Great coach- very positive & inspirational"

  • Shaun Butcher says,

    "Great spirit😊"

  • Liam trevillian says,


  • Luc says,

    "All round great guy."

  • Phil noble. says,

    "Fraz is an inspiration to all, through both words and actions. Go fraz good luck."

  • Renee Caruso says,

    "He is an inspiration, a motivaor and a campaigner for all who love karate in victoria and australia. He is the beating heart of karate!"

  • Mia Goikhman says,

    "WHO ARE WE?!?! TEAM VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!"

  • Mia Goikhman says,

    "He is very inspiring and for young growing people like me and he is an incredible role model that i look up to, he is extremely dedicated and motivates everyone in what he does and we are lucky to have you. Thank you and you have the biggest heart and you deserve this award because it will show how much you mean to the Karate Victoria Team."

  • April Saks says,

    "An inspiration to everyone around him! Win or lose, the Frazz is always on your side! God love the Frazz! TEAM KV!"

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