Tim has been a very active member of the club more than 10 years. He is always there when things need to be done, with unbounding energy.
In the past 3 years Tim has not only coached our club riders to success the has coached the SA Prince Phillip Mounted Team and the SA National team and even the Australian team to one of our first successes in the International Mounted Games Exchange. Tim’s energy is amazing and he inspires others to join in with everything that he does, and he does a lot. I have never found him not planning the next thing to do for the club and the riders.

Tim’s forte is mounted games and he uses his instructor skills to include everyone, from the littlest beginner rider who is on the lead to his International riders. He inspires confidence in them and they learn the basics to the top skills while having fun and enjoying themselves. He is careful to be aware of the basic seat and confidence that the beginner rider needs to be safe in our horses sports. He is aware of any safety hazards not only when he is giving lessons, but in the whole area of our clubs grounds and any other areas that he may be instructing at. Often he will fix any problems that arise before other notice that they may cause a safety hazard, coming to the grounds between rallies to fix them. Over the years he has been instrumental in upgrading of our club rooms, building a great equipment shed, and the looking after the grounds. When he is unable to water the grounds he found us local gentleman to come and do it a very reasonable price. He is just as happy pottering around with a few of the other hard workers doing maintenance, as he is a major working bees. Recently when our club rooms where broken into he was the first person on the scene to handle the Police reports, compile the damage reports and help clean up. He organized a carpenter to fix the door so that the rooms were secure. Over the years he has attended most of the working bee’s and any of the fund raising activities of our club.

Tim is always welcoming to members, remembering names not only of the riders but often of their horses as well. He is happy to greet new members and keeps himself up with the new protocols that the club needs to install. He inspires all of members to be friendly and helpful to each other and to be aware of the Child Protection requirements that we must all be aware of as club management. There are not many years that he has not held a important position on the committee and he is always at least a committee member. He has also attended the Horse SA course for the rescue of horses in trouble both at events and traveling. He keeps his first aid certificate up to date at all times. He also attends all of the updates for his instructors certificate and keeps an open mind to new instruction information that may help him to instruct well. Up until recently he was one of the representative’s for The Northern Zone Pony Clubs at the Pony Club Association of SA’s monthly meetings traveling to Adelaide to attend most of them. This year he took on the important position of Chief instructor for the Northern Zone PC,’s, and has many things planned for our Zone. We are the biggest Zone in SA and we have the reputation of being the friendliest Zone. A ideal that Tim finds important, and I am sure will uphold in his position. Tim already has fun, instructional and competitive weekends planned for the whole Zone to join in. While we all have distances to travel to go to them we know that there will be a great time for all and the riders will befit greatly in many ways.

Tim is always a productive and friendly member of our club, the energy that he puts into every facet is boundless, he has earnt important position in the State and Australian bodies of our chosen sport as a instructor and he still makes times to ensure the good running of our club. Ensuring if he isn’t there when he has to go overseas with his team, that our club never suffers by covering his jobs. He has never let successes to go to his head, he is still the same in his approach to our club and everyone involved in it. His thoughts are always to the betterment of our club.




  • Elizabeth says,

    "Tim is passionate about helping the youth achieve. Going above and beyond."

  • Elizabeth says,

    "Tim is passionate about helping the youth. He is prepared to go above and beyond."

  • Lizzie Wigney says,

    "Good luck Tim, a very worthy candidate indeed."

  • Karen says,

    "Tim is very passionate and his enthusiasm he passes on to the young to be able to believe in themselves to achieve"

  • John says,

    "Tim travels great distances to help anyone that asks. He is very supportive."

  • Leanne McArdle says,

    "Very much a club man, not showy, just "does" and keeps on doing. Seems to know what has to be done and just "does" it."

  • Cassie says,

    "Tim is an amazing mentor who goes above and beyond to help others achieve their goals. A true champion."

  • Tanya Crane says,

    "Tim inspires the children to want to do better. Gives them positive feedback and lets them know in his genuine way what's not so positive. Just wished he lived closer to Naracoorte."

  • Kellie says,

    "Tim is the most giving person I've met. He so deserve's to be nominated. All the best."

  • Mac says,

    "Good luck."

  • Amiee says,

    "He is good"

  • Renee says,

    "Good luck Tim"

  • Alison says,

    "Inspiring coach, good luck."

  • tony says,

    "He just such a great guy"

  • Susan says,

    "Very supportive of our youth good luck"

  • Benjamin says,

    "Legend :)"

  • Megan Brown says,

    "Tim helps all and is supportive of everyone"

  • Deanne Cheesman says,

    ""Enthusiastic, passionate & encouraging for all " Good luck Tim"

  • Georgia says,

    "Encouraging, helps us out with our horses & teaches us new skills, always fun."

  • Brad says,

    "Tim is always willing to support anyone interested in the sport. Spending almost all of his personal time helping others in the sport he is a worthy winner of this award."

  • Kim says,

    "Tim is a great bloke and passionate about coaching and helping young people."

  • tory says,

    "Tim has been dedicated to horse sports fir years and encourages youngens to have a go"

  • Tina says,

    "Very enthusiastic and encouraging to all. His zest for life and what he does is amazing"

  • Karen says,

    "Enthusiastic and responsible"

  • Jackie Zema says,

    "Thanks Tim for all your help at PPC"

  • mandy green says,

    "A very worthy nomination - all the best Tim."

  • Anonymous says,

    "You deserve to win!"

  • Sam says,

    "Tim is a great guy with a passion for what he does and if an asset to his club. Couldn't vote for a more deserving person"

  • Mummapamps says,

    "Tim is committed to sharing his knowledge and skill to everyone."

  • Keely says,

    "He encourages you to achieve your best."

  • Ashlee says,

    "Keep up the great work."

  • Maggie says,

    "Had loads of fun at the clinic."

  • Trev Watson says,

    "Tim has the ability to speak and coach any person of any ability wether they are 5 years old or 50 years old. His ability to speak to the people to whom ask for his guidance is great. His knowledge is second to none. Good luck Tim. Well deserved."

  • Sue Young says,

    "Over the years I have known Tim, I can sincerely say that he takes his role as Mounted Games Instructor very seriously and coaches with passion and dedication to mould young riders into good, safe, skilled riders. He travels around the State coaching in his spare time and has been known to slip across the border to NT to introduce the Mounted Games to other Pony Club riders that need help in establishing new skills and equipment. He has a heart of gold and enthusiasm to match. Always approachable and makes time to help when needed and encourages everyone to get involved. A Great asset to his Pony Club Community."

  • Anonymous says,

    "Tim has great enthusiasm about his sport and is always willing to support anyone interested in the sport. Spending almost all of his personal time helping others in the sport!"

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