Tony joined Chelsea Baseball Club in 2013 when his son Bailey wanted to try out baseball. From the outset it was apparent that Tony was a man of action and he frequently put his hand up to volunteer in many capacities. His links with the local council were critical in helping us develop and maintain strong relationships with the council and other members of government. From here he was instrumental in assisting us to apply for grants successfully.
In 2016 Tony was elected as President of the Chelsea baseball club to assist in taking us to the next step as a strong baseball club in our area. While Tony’s role is to oversee the running of the club, his extreme hands on attitude means that he is often cooking BBQ’s, working in in the canteen, cleaning the rooms, assisting our coaches with selection, dealing with player concerns and issues and generally being one of the strongest committee members and Presidents we have had in a very long time. Tony has worked tirelessly on developing our canteen to be of the highest standard in the area and keeps the stocks at a high level at all times.
After moving into new facilities, Tony has worked hard at building a structure for our scorers to sit away from the elements. This Scorers Box would have to be one of the best in the city, with heating and cooling, insulation, a fridge and general comfort for our important volunteers, our scorers. Tony is passionate about rewarding volunteers and has worked hard at recognising them to encourage more volunteers.
Our Junior program has taken off this Summer with our first junior team winning their first premiership. This success is due in part to Tony’s excellent character and how hard he has worked at including the junior parents and kids in the whole club and making them feel welcome. This program is growing by the day and its largely due to Tony’s strong involvement in the program. He is often at every junior game encouraging the kids and parents to be a part of baseball and enjoy the great sport that we are apart of.
Tony sets the standard at our club for volunteering and is NEVER standing still. He always finds fridges to stock, bins to take out, grants to apply for and is extremely passionate about taking our club to the next level. This coming season he is implementing a new code of conduct and “ONE CLUB” philosophy which will ensure that culturally, we are taking the right steps forward. This code of conduct and philosophy is based around the Good Sports principles, something which he is extremely passionate about.
In summary, without Tony I don’t believe we would have survived as a club going forward. Our volunteer base is extremely low with only 6 people on the committee who are burnt out after years of work and effort. Tony has breathed new life into our club and given all existing volunteers encouragement and belief that our goals are achievable. The work that Tony does not just on game day but day to day keeps us running and sets the standard for all of our members. To Tony there is nothing that is impossible and that attitude and commitment to the club is infectious to all and is pushing all of our members to strive for greater things on and off the field.
Tony is definitely the “Beating Heart” of Chelsea Dolphins Baseball Club and a worthy nominee and I really believe that we would be lost without his undying commitment, passion and strength.




  • Belinda says,

    "Tony is a terrific club member and passionate about the growth of our sport in our local community"

  • Ben says,

    "Tony does the job of 10 people around our club - I've been a part of many sports clubs and none have had someone as dedicated and tireless as Tony. He even finds the time to help out clubs he has been a part of in the past. The man is a machine!"

  • Andy Bearsley says,

    "Tony is a local legend in our community. We're all better off for him being around and involved in the baseball club"

  • Sam K says,

    "Friendly! Very helpful to the team and everyone!"

  • Sam says,

    "Tony is a man of action! You have to love people who actually do what they say."

  • David says,

    "Tony puts every effort into making everything he does a success"

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