The jewel in the crown of any club is that quiet achiever, the behind the scenes person who does not crave attention but just keeps on giving anyway.
Countless hours devoted to attending meetings as a selector and committee member, to say nothing of the blood, sweat and tears that are put into the arduous role of greenkeeper.
Melrose Memorial Bowling Club has such a person who is a deserved candidate.
Tony Bishop joined the club in 1971 and 40 years later was awarded life membership in 2011. His achievements include 15 years on the executive committee, board of management for eight years, selection committee for ten years, social committee for seven years, bar committee for two years, greens committee for 11 years and president for two years. Tony has always been a regular organiser of working bees and he has been on the roster to mow the green for a quarter of a century.
After semi-retiring from farming in 2011, he took on the role of greens manager, a voluntary position. It is a labour intensive complex job involving a continuing maintenance program of not only watering and mowing but spraying with herbicides and fungicides, coring and scarifying and so on. There is a watering and rolling roster drawn up for members during the bowling season which lightens Tony’s load.
Tony is a selector and pennant contact so is often on the phone during the season using his persuasive powers in finding replacement players at the last minute. If there are odd jobs around the club Tony is the go to man. He will work behind the bar when asked and is one of the regular BBQ technicians called up for club functions. Melrose can boast that it has one of the best grass greens in the region. To back this up the region usually ensures that Melrose green has finals played on it. This must be testament that whatever Tony is doing for the green then it is indeed working.




  • Raymond Walker says,

    "When talking about quiet achievers, Tony Bishop is the one. No fuss, no grand standing, just getting on with the job."

  • A quiet achiever says,

    "Worthy nominee"

  • Alan Webber says,

    "The Greatest Famer in the North, and clever enough to marry my Cousin."

  • Shirley mccallum says,

    "Tony Bishop does a great job on preparing the green in top condition for the benifit of all club members."

  • Gil Haines says,

    "Great club man, a quiet and silent achiever"

  • Gil Haines says,

    "Tony Bishop is a hard worker for Melrose bowling club and worthy of this award"

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