Without Val we would not have a successful football club, not only is she the secretary which is a very busy role, she also fills in wherever needed.. We lost our president this year to cancer which was tough on everyone but especially Val, as they had run the club together for a long time. Val stepped up after this to ensure the club survived and the kids got to play the game they love. Val is at every home game either doing ground manager, canteen, first aid or even registering kids to play. . she is also at our field nearly every training night doing what needs doing. She loves the game and loves seeing the kids smiling as they enjoy playing footy, Without Valarie Uilou, Canley Vale Kookas would not be the great Football club it is. We are all so thankful for all she does and also all the other committee members.




  • Elizabeth Gonzalez says,

    "Valarie has not only saved this club not once but twice!! Without her this small club would not survive she is the heart and soul of canley vale kookas!! She hasn't had the time to grieve over not only the club president her australian father because she knew she had to keep going for the kids in the club!! I have not sèen a more dedicated person than Valarie she is a true role model for not just the kids for everyone else including myself!! She is truly what everyone needs to run a club!!"

  • Brad Patrick says,

    "Valarie and the work she does for our club is truely amazing. I've never seen somebody work harder and want nothing in return."

  • Donna Taulu says,

    "This woman does above and beyond where she has helped families in their personal situations. She attends games when she is unwell and should be at home resting and encourages others to support their local footy clubs. She is fierce in political issues raised and passionate with the players. She has a heart of Gold and a resolute attitude towards challenges. Canley Vale Kookas is her family and the players are her children. Vote for Valerie and Canley Vale Kookas."

  • Maree says,

    "Val definitely is the backbone of Kookas she is 200% committed to this club and this would be a well deserved award for her"

  • Isaac williams says,

    "The club is like a family to her. She is always down at the club early in the mornings to set up the field. She is a friendly and nice person to know."

  • Mark says,

    "Seems a champion of a voleenter"

  • Michael says,

    "Val is totally commited to the club."

  • Adam Hartley says,

    "As a former Kookas player,it's great to see club people like Val who give there heart and soul to keep this great club going."

  • Lauren O'Reilly says,

    "Valerie is the club Secretary of a Club which is not my own though through her tireless efforts and contributions she has made a name for herself in Junior League as a professional, knowledgable and selfless volunteer who is an amazing asset to the Canley Vale Kooka's. Valerie's reputation precedes her, Good luck Valerie!"

  • Ron Sherring says,

    "The world needs more people of this calibre."

  • Don Phaneuf says,

    "Val, it is great to see an advocate dedicated to the have my support."

  • Mohamed says,

    "Warm Hearted"

  • Donna says,

    "Val is absolutely one of a kind. the work she does for Kookas Club is remarkable. She gives it 1000% often missing out on her own family time to help others. There should be more people like her in this world and it would make this earth a better place."

  • Isilei says,

    "She's a honest hard worker who never gives up"

  • Chris Azzopardi says,

    "Go Girl"

  • Ben patrick says,

    "Valarie, you are the heart and soul of our club. Thanks for always helping and having a smile on your face"

  • Nat Patrick says,

    "Thanks Val for everything you do, you are an inspiration to us all. Kookas would not be the club it is, if not for you leading the rest of the committee. You are a beautiful person and very deserving of this nomination. You love the game and all the kids and it shows with all you do. Good luck!!!! Hope you win as you deserve it..."

  • James says,

    "An amazing person Does a really good job with our football All the best Valarie"

  • Ngaire Poi says,

    "Valarie is the backbone of the Kooka's club, without her the club would be missing the enthusiasm, organisation and heart required to make a successful season. Valarie's kindness and compassion know no bounds and her commitment and passion to her cause is second to none. We have some idea of where we would be without Valarie's love for all members of the club and we can definitely say it would be no where near where we are now. Valarie, for all your unending dedication, warmth and support we thank you"

  • Salina Schroeder says,

    "She's amazing always doing for the club and community, if she could she would be at every game at once she's that dedicated to what she does. Not only that but an awesome friend to everyone. Team Val 🙌🏼"

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