Will joined the Club as an U13 player 12 years ago.  By the age of 16 Will was coaching 4-7 year olds, continuing to coach one team through to the current U14’s.  He’s coached U18’s, Reserves, and also been a Committee Member for the last 5 years.  Will continues to play but this year suffered an injury ending his 2016 season on the first pre-season friendly.  Undeterred Will continued to put his energy into supporting the Club, as he always does by doing whatever is needed – refereeing and running the line for juniors through to Masters, preparing the grounds for match days, restocking and running the bar, managing registrations, etc. etc.   I don’t think there are any  jobs at the Club that Will  does not turn his hand to, but probably most impressive is the positive relationships he builds within the Club. Will is often found surrounded by juniors, kicking a ball with them and generally mucking around and having fun.  He also plays an instrumental role in running the Seniors/Reserves and is passionate about the teams and Club as a whole.  He is a great role model to the Juniors and plays a vital part in bringing together the Junior Club and Senior Club.  He is approachable and everyone turns to Will to help out.  He makes new players welcome and plays a vital role in making our Club fun, inclusive and a place our members want to be, a genuine beating heart for Williamstown Soccer Club.




  • Carol Hodge says,

    "Will does heaps for the Club and deserves to get this recognition."

  • Becca Corry says,

    "Will truly cares about the club and the people in it and would do anything to keep it a friendly and supportive environment for everyone."

  • Brett says,

    "Will is a great role model for our club and for my kids He puts in a huge effort at our clun"

  • Majella says,

    "Will has coached our U14 team this year and they have had a great time on and off the field. Will has coached some of these boys since U8's . He commits a huge amount of time to this team and all his other commitments at the Club and is a most valuable member and role model for young people."

  • Sam Anicic says,

    "A good young man that does plenty for all at the club"

  • Sasha Abramzon says,

    "Thanks for putting in so much of your time and keeping the club running. Looking forward to help out & work with you in the future!"

  • Katherine says,

    "Wil is an awesome & inspiring role model to our young boys! Wil has coached our eldest son, bradley since he was 8 years old . At 14, bradley not only looks up to him as a great coach, but also an amazing role model... Such an important thing in today's world ! Well done Wil , you do such an amazing job!!"

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