Yvonne Jackson is one of the founding members of AYC Netball Club. The club is now in its 20th year of participating in the Southern Netball competitions , during which, Yvonne has spent most of her time as President. If you were to ask anybody involved in the Southern Tasmanian Netball Association [STNA], there is a good chance that they will be able to tell you who Yvonne is; however, very few would be able to tell you the caliber of her involvement and how much she truly does. One of the things that people would probably say about Yvonne is that her number plate is AYC 001. This shows her true dedication to the club and the sport.

Many people would joke that Yvonne sleeps at the netball centre due to her being there so often, little would that they know that she actually has previously. As the coach of the under 11s team, Yvonne invited her girls to support our Tasmanian Netball League [TNL] team by coming to watch a home game and then sleep at the courts afterwards. This is a further example of the commitment and dedication that Yvonne has for the club.

Yvonne has been instrumental in providing opportunities for State League players to coach some of the junior teams. This opportunity allows for there to be a real community around the club as the girls for the State League are further building on junior players skills and the junior girls love going and watching their coaches play.

Yvonne’s is a part of every level of player development, from developing the juniors for the future of STNA, to providing young children the opportunity to participate in the Net Set Go program, coaching a women’s team who are just looking for some fun and fitness, to driving the AYC licensing submission of the TNL team in order for the girls to play at the highest level possible. Yvonne is fully committed to ensuring that all players are supported and encouraged to develop their skills, both as a player or as a coaching, umpiring and bench person.

Speaking of bench personal, As part of a Member Organization Exchange Program Yvonne was selected to travel Melbourne to bench at ANZ Championship matches, This program gave Yvonne a opportunity to develop their skills and to gain some experience at a game higher level.

As President of AYC she has many other meetings to attend and is AYC’s rep on the roster committee.
As if all of that’s not enough, she also helps orgainse and coach for the CANA (Combined Australian Netball Association) for AYC and frequently travels interstate with AYC teams.

While we understand that there are other people involved in our sport with similar stories and levels of involvement but we can not imagine anyone deserving this award more than Yvonne. She is a true icon of Netball in Southern Tasmania that should be acknowledged for all that she does for so many people and clearly for the advancement of netball within Tasmania.




  • Alice says,

    "Yvonne is such a important and dedicated member of the AYC Netball Club with out Yvonne the club we know and love wouldn't be the same!"

  • Samantha says,

    "Yvonne always has a smile on her face and is constantly sharing her big heart around to everyone. Without her, we wouldn't be where we are today."

  • Scott says,

    "Yvonne is totally dedicated to the AYC Netball Club and the driving force behind it's success. Very deserving of any and all recognition for her endless contribution."

  • Simon says,

    "Yvonne is the heart of AYC Netball Club and is admired by everyone at the club."

  • Spring Addicoat says,

    "Yvonne is my Netball Mentor ,At AYC she has played a huge part in my first year in coaching the under 13s this year.yvonne is always there to lend an ear if I need to discuss anything to do with netball she has played a crucial part in my daughters netball journey with Yvonne being her first netball coach three years ago.as well as my daughters CANA championships this year Yvonne empowers little girls to young lady's to women in their netball journeys she has a seriouse side too ,she has a big heart and you can see that as the president of our club"

  • Taylor says,

    "As a member of AYC, Yvonne's dedication is obvious, particularly when it comes to development of the juniors. This has been shown time and time again from the point of view of an umpire, coach and player. Without Yvonne AYC would not be the fabulous club it is today!!"

  • Kelly. says,

    "Yvonne is an amazing president and has been my club president for over 5 years. Such a big heart and she knows every player of our club by name. Love you Yvonne!"

  • lynne says,

    "Extremely loyal and passionate about her Club and all its members. She works tirelessly to make sure everyone is happy and goes above and beyond her duties as President of our Club"

  • Cathy McKeown says,

    "The AYC netball club is extremely lucky to have Yvonne as its President - she is a true stalwart,. She knows every member of the club personally and takes time to help and develop the young members, as well as support and encourage the senior members through background organisation of many events. She is the type of person that keeps these sorts of organisations running."

  • Karina says,

    "Yvonne is asse to ayc and a wonderful caring person . She is also my coach in 7 grade . The club is what it is because of Yvonne"

  • Heather says,

    "I don't think you will find anyone more committed and passionate to a club and sport, she is great to have a laugh with."

  • Angela says,

    "Yvonne is one of a kind , You would struggle to find a more amazing dedicated and well loved person ."

  • Sheree says,

    "Yvonne is AYC Netball Club."

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