The Competition

Finding the next beating heart of your club

Whether it’s your passionate president, inspirational coach, friendly canteen staff, or hard working grounds staff, we want to reward the dedication of that special club member; the one that serves as a true inspiration to your club.

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to win $3000 for your club and a $1000 travel voucher to your deserving club hero.

All you have to do is nominate your club’s “Beating Heart”. Tell us why you think they embody the spirit of your club and get your mates to vote in order for your club member to be considered for one of five winning cash prizes.

Australia, let’s celebrate those unsung heroes keeping our clubs beating.

The Rules

Celebrate someone who does the hard yards behind the scenes to help keep your club going. Nominate or vote for your club’s “Beating Heart”!

Entering is easy and takes just three steps:

Step 1.

Nominate a member of your local club you think embodies the spirit of your club. Tell us:

  • What your nominee has done for your club;
  • What impact your nominee has had on their club members and the local community.
  • How they inspire and impact those around them and;
  • Why they deserve to win.


If your intended nominee has already been nominated, a pop up box will appear that will take you to that nominees’ page. You can then vote for this nominee on that page.

Step 2.

Submit your entry along with all details of your nominee, including a contact email address, and your own contact details.

Step 3.

Make sure to share with your club mates! The number of votes a “Beating Heart” receives factors into the Panel’s decision when choosing the final winners.

You can only nominate or vote for each nominee once, but can nominate or vote for multiple club members.

Full Terms and Conditions are up at

Five winners will score $3000 cash for their club and $1000 travel vouchers for their local hero.

So what are you waiting for? Reward your deserving club member today!


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